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like all the other reviewers have said...
its a tedious and insane game, that will trap people into playing it forever so that they can get their awards.
in my opinion, you should feel bad about making this game.
you've made people to waste lots of their time for this.

but, what can i say dude...
i guess 1 star for the evil factor.

the 10k clicking tournament was fun, and overall a well designed game.

good game, but the shooting controls were bad to be honest.
the camera also should not follow the character at each step, but it should be rotated only if the player was turning into a corner.

as for the shooting controls, instead of making it to ''hold-right-click mouse button + click with left-click mouse button'' AT THE SAME TIME, make it to shoot with JUST clicking the left click mouse button.

this makes the shooting controls too hard, and also it makes it impossible to enjoy such a well designed game.

other than the strange camera pans, and the bad shooting control, the game is GOOD.
it has awesome 3-d, a well-designed main character, some nice weapons, and a very good, and realistic enviroment in 3-D.

only downside, the shooting controls. better change this into a simpler syster.

emamillo responds:

hola gracias por jugar y comentar, estamos arreglando algunos errores como el online y los respawn, la camara y el mapa y las armas pronto tendran noticias
gracias por tu comentario :)

good game, good concept, good message.
i hope that this message will help the cause, and that more people will be aware about this...
lets hope that this will be cured.....

good game, good graphics, hard controls, needed crazy timing, and i won with 3075 score.
not bad!

good game, tho patriot-clock is a good guy so i was not happy to punch his face, lolz!
good stuff, do more gamez

challenging and fun game! very good!
also the passive help section was quite helpful too!
tho without help, i got 95% of all flags of europe, and i was mediocre at maps of africa.
good game, and enjoyable... do more!

the game seems good, but the ''PLAY'' button redirects only to the advertised game, and it does not make you play the actual game...
better fix that, my friend!

interesting game, with an odd and mysterious storyline, and some good, abstract graphics.
nice work, and good thing to play...challenging.
tho i got sometimes stuck...

good work anyways!
do more games like this!

great game, visual interesting, and with a story that makes you think.
i loved all the little hints and jokes that the characters said to the player, and i liked all the mini games.
the jokes and the drawings were superb,and this was a game that i would be happy to play again.

good work sir!
keep it up

(PS: i got stuck at the 2nd level of the worm life... what do i do? there is no way out, no matter how much i tried...)

good game tho, i liked it alot.

Munguia responds:

Thanks for play and review my game, thanks, :)
On worm live, you can use the bird shadow, maybe has no sense, but you can move it to eat the seeds on ground, the bird moves oppositive of the worm moves, eat all the seed to pass level.

i seriously love the actionscript engineering in this one.
as you go futher and use more the arrow keys to move your ''thruster'', the liquid in sobe's bottle gets slightly emptier and emptier each minute, until you run out of ''fuel'' and you stay helpless in the space, while the momentum keeps you floating/running in the air.

this game would need an objective, like getting to some destination, before you run out of ''fuel'', but its good to play with for some minutes. masterful work, phantom!

PhantomCat responds:

sobe it

wow, a great game, even greater than the old, original one!
surely, miraclefruit's game is a cult classic, but this one...it had epic 3-D!!!!!
a fun, and great game, with the twist of better graphics...
nice and enjoyable, this game had similar targets and missions like its predecessors, and i yet again fought and defeated the evil bear using my ancient-bear-beating techniques, taught to me by miracloo-froot-san, in a trip in benjing....
good game, got all the medals, avoided bb10, and i won.
i would play again. do more mate!!!

PhantomCat responds:

But the original was in BOTH dimensions. This is only in all three.

well, hello, im chris the stick2, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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