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i think that its a nice ambient music/relax music with some abstract sounds of nature and with some cool moments with chinese musical instruments tuning in too, thus forming a cool audio experience for the viewer/listener.

the drawn characters in the vid are cool too. did you drew them? (the couple that looks like tarzan and jane, but dressed up in japanese kimonos...)
the phoenix bird and the cat lady also look good too.

all in all, good work, i liked it.

BlackUniGryphon responds:

Thank you (again).
Those are my O.C.s. The lady is named "Lively" and the guy is named 敖兴涛 Áo Xìngtāo (Ow Sching-tao). They're technically in Chinese robes/clothes called "Hanfu" but u can call 'em Kimonos, if that's easier. ;)

It's a pretty old piece. If you care to scroll through my gallery the originals are there... I mean... if you want to. -no pressure...

Here's the original 2009 sketch:

a great movie, featuring the legendary quincy M.E., and his quest for the lost (butt) photos.
the main character was nicely drawn, and his voice acting was good, while the different voice+subtitles added even more to the (already good) comedic effect of the movie.

also, the female mayor who congratulated quincy for his successful mission was nicely drawn as well, and her voice-actress was very good too (bravo, mrs three-star!).
the whole movie was well-animated, with nicely drawn characters, good voice acting and with some solid humour.

5/5, i would quincy that again.
keep up the good work!

wow, this was a great collection of not 1, not 2, but of 4 great CC movies!
seriously man, you are one of the most prolific, productive and creative young clocks of the CC, and its impressive to see how quickly you've perfected and evolved your art style over the last couple of years...

your movies are well-animated, with nicely drawn characters, a unique art style, and with some great humour too!
my favorite movies of the group were corpsegrinder's movie and pops+vuvu's girls adventure movie, lol!
you do many great movies, and you always add your unique creative signature in them, along with some splendid humour.

keep up the great work, and have a happy clockday!

RealRedbookClock responds:

please review my movie

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this reminds me of the old days of the CC, back when shock spam was a customary part of the crew.
i like how you've drawn your character, (dingleberry clock), and the animation was smooth.

this is a glorious simulation game about how it is to be a young mexiclock (sic) in modern clocktopia and trying to pass the borders through the united states, for a better life, for a better tomorrow.

there, we see sarez/iron clock struggling to survive as he walks through the wastelands of his village in order to reach the USA, the promised land: so that he can start an illustrious career as a macdonalds employee, or as a janitor, or as a car mechanic.

but many obstacles stand in his way: from the US border patrol, to the dangers of the border town, to the horror of swimming pools.... (yes, he cant swim.)
but in the end, he emerges victorious and he is finally free to work as a janitor for macdonalds.
who said that dreams cant be true?

also on a more serious analysis about the game:
i liked that the part where you defeat the bear is a clever reference to your older games ''poly's mountain adventure'', a true classic series in epic CC flash games...

also, another fine detail was the cameos of durian, oldskoo and burrito clock, to name a few of the famous clocks that appeared in this great game.
(oh, thanks for the BB10 cameo BTW, i loved it! it was very funny)

another fine part where the many different paths and choices that one could make in this game, which could easily end up in many different, but equally hilarious endings.
all in all, this game was full of choices, inside-jokes, clever references and with many things to look or to select on.
a funny and creative game, full of humour and action.
10/10, i would deport it again.

keep up the good work!

pretty good interactive game about destroying bowsette.
good buttons +interactivity, good sound effects and a straightforward presentation in general.
good job.

you should add more scenes/levels with different ways of destroying bowsette.
other than that, its OK.

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indeed, you cannot kill the clockcrew!
the CC is the best!

nice mechanized motto, i really like its groove, and its loop-able potential...
excellent audio!

interesting robotic-hip hop song...

i would prefer something with more ''wild beats'', and with more drums/bass in it, but its still good, groovy, and cute, even if its a bit ''tame'' for my techno tastes...

really nice work, keep making cool stuff! :)

pretty cool song, it reminded me of a malfunctioning robot.
it had nice, wicked and insane vibes, and it was trippy, but in a good way.

quite groovy and well-balanced, nice track!
keep up the good work.

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an excellent portrait of the warrior, artist and adventurer, sir Dingleberry Van Clorerke, lord of netherlands and hero of butte.
splendid details on his eye/clock ''face expression'' and on his bird-like beak/mouth movements too.
his feathered hat looks super stylish too.
keep up the good work!

those are some great drawings of absinthe clock and nintendo!

i like that they both look unique, with power poses and strong bodies (good muscle details, in their general anatomy), while another fine part is their victory/loss poses; in the
''losing poses'' we see a broken absinthe clock with a dali-like melted clock (clever detail!), and nintendo clock's broken/twisted arm behind his back.

their victory poses are nice too: from absinthe clock twirling his moustache triumphantly ( a glorious dali-eque moustache), to nintendo clock giving a thumbs up.

all in all, those are great drawings, that made a good game, even better!
very nice work.

a nice drawing of rob clock's favorite clockette, mrs succubus clock!
true to the character's name, she's drawn accurately as a succubbus/clock creature, with a nice body, good ABS, nice boobs, shapely hips, and wide shoulders, along with some nicely drawn clavicles as well.

another nice detail is her tail and her hair, along with her bat-like wings.
she also looks good in the gym outfit, even if its indeed less skimpy than a succubus's typical attire.
the sport's bra and the leggings are nicely drawn, and with good colours too.

as for the whole pic, it has good linework, nice use of colours, and a blurry, but cool background.
its dark that succubus clock is eating someone's heart (and the victim seems to be a dead clock, judging from the skeleton's skull in the BG, since it only had one (clock) eye.)
but its a cool drawing, and its nicely designed.

good work.

well, hello, im chris the stick2, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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