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LOL! great animation, and clever use of the old ''Dic'' company logo+name.
i remember this company well, and i laughed alot every time i saw their logo+name on my TV...
good times!

the best part was when the teenager that was sleeping in your movie woke up and said ''oi, mom! there's a giant ''Dic'' out me window!'' (sic)
perfect punchline, and an epic pun to an old, old TV logo.

GREAT work, keep it up, and do more epic stuff like this!

i really like how you've reanimated the classic scene where freaky fred grabbed courage the cowardly dog...

you've drawn freaky fred in a scarier, more deranged way (which is quite accurate), and you've drawn courage the dog perfectly, while showing his horrified face expression nicely, combined with the contrast of fred's insane look in his eyes.

apart from the good design of the main characters, and of their perfect face expressions, your animation was swift, fluid and very smooth (with a nice flow+speed).
was the whole animation FBF, or tweens?
it had a great pace, and i liked its FPS speed. (was it 30 FPS?)

either way, great work, nice design, and a very smooth animation in general.
you should make a fan-made ''courage'' episode or two, that would've been a great cartoon/tribute, considering your good animation skills....

anyway, i liked it alot, so keep up the good work!

HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter responds:

I am very happy to hear that you liked it : D

To answer some of your questions this whole thing was FBF, even things like Fred's arm booping Courage on the nose was manually rotated (it probably would have been quicker had I tweened it xD). As for the FPS, well it's 24 frames animated in 2s so I guess that would make it 12 FPS.

The full collab should be here around March on Zeurel's account so look foward to then : D

i like how nicely designed (and animated) the characters are, their design/faces/general outlook is great and very close to the source material, while the fact that they are adult versions of themselves is even better (for the purpose of this animation).

with that being said, i really liked that both characters reacted in a way that one would expect from those characters, if they were real:
raven was naughty and mischievous, and gwen was shy and disgusted by raven's trickery!
nice face expressions, cute story/animation, and a very nice sequence in general.

this movie was cute and beautiful, while the whole animation was very smooth and flawless, something especially hard for a 3D-movie...

great work, keep it up, and do more stuff like this!

this was great!

nice use of jim carreys excellent voice performance from ''the grinch'', and i liked how you've implemented all this into your movie, because it fits with his role as eggman saying it, thus creating a very funny and accurate comedic masterpiece based on real events.

also, i really like how nice the lip-sync was in your movie, along with the characters movements/gestures and the general flow of the film, making this a very fluid and flawless animation.

last but not least, your movie was funny, so it wins extra points for that.
great work, keep it up!

ah, an excellent LL movie, and right on the first moments of 2019!

i really liked how zteagh was the psychiatrist in this ''mental therapy'' adventure, and how he addressed+helped(?) his patients!

the ''dunce'' that he was wearing was a nice touch, while the display of a detailed picture of each lock/clock that he was about to examine (the one that was shown at the beginning of each ''session''), that was a nice detail as well...

furthermore, each ''session'' with dr zteagh was purely hilarious and awesome!
i liked how he made fun of each lock for his special quirks+issues, while trying to help in his own, wild way.

the parts about alien, wizard/wiz kid, RSS, BB10 and sunshine were the best imho.
excellent humour, good punchlines and a really funny story in general!

also, the drawings might have been in ''just'' black and white, but the animation was smooth and the story/humour was great, so that really counted for this great movie!

i really enjoyed this movie, so i would love to see more stuff like this from you in the future.
keep up the good work!

i won't lie...

she's a sexy character!
she has a cute face, nice flowing hair, a cool, tanned skin, nice big bouncy boobs, and a whole lot of groove in her!

nice dancing sequence, with good linework, nice animation, and with good face expressions on her face, especially in the final moments of the movie.

flawless animation, great character design, and a great start for you in this place.
keep it up, you're awesome!

indeed, the 1950's pin-ups were great!
i shall also say, that they were nice, elegant and sexy.

as for your cool ''blog-post'' type of movie, its really nicely animated, despite the fact that its only 7-8 seconds long.
your character is nicely drawn, with a beautiful face, nice expressive eyes, a nice mouth (with great lip-sync with the voice acting's sound), great bouncy boobs (oh yeah!) great flowing hair and a nice design in general.

the animation is flawless, with good movement sequences, the lip-syncing works perfectly with the movements of her mouth+the sound, and the whole movements+expressions feel natural and really nicely animated...

all in all, this is a great start, and its a beautiful short animation to behold.
i would love to see more stuff like this!

(on the ''downside'', i could say that she says too many times the word ''like'' in her monologue, but perhaps that's a part of her personality, so its OK).

all in all, great work, keep it up!

doublemaximus responds:

I do say like a lot....Iā€™m trying to work on that šŸ˜…

needless to say, the visuals of this movie are amazing as always, as its shown by the great art skills of mr ZL.

the movie starts at a strange point: the two scholars of clocktopia, the charming pear-clock and the brave potato-clock, enter a field of lines in the middle of a blindingly white environment. they talk about life, physics, philosophy and flowers, until potato-clock steps on a troll's foot (triangle-clock), and the troll loses his piggy-bank and gets upset.
this act of defiance surprises pear-clock, but it also makes her love potato-clock even more.
eventually, the two heroes decide to enter on a van and to go through a building in order to escape in the 5th dimension, so that they can complete the next part of their plan: to save clocktopia from a big threat, and to do a scientific discovery.
upon entering the building with their van, the time+space continuum collapses in front of their eyes, and they begin to get nervous.
the van falls outside from the building, and it goes down on a cliff, meaning that this will be a big fall, and it will be definitely lethal for them.
while they are still falling down, they are talking about sexual intercourse and about male reproductive organs. things get heated.
and THEN!... then everything changes drastically.
the final scene is superb, and everything is revealed.

all of the characters are nicely drawn and with great detail, from the pleasant pear-clock, to the cool potato-clock, to the annoying triangle-clock. the long-van of the duo is also nicely drawn as well, and on great detail.
the backgrounds+the building are drawn in a minimalistic way, but still with great linework and with a nice design in general.

as for the story itself, its surreal, its wild, its crazy, yet its nicely presented and full of action+humour.

all i can say is:
great work, sir...
this is a very nice movie.
keep up the good work.

what a great movie!

i remember seeing this movie many years ago, yet it turns out i haven't reviewed it yet. what a heresy!
i shall rectify my mistake instantly.

so, the movie starts when frisbee, the dog that could play a piano, enters the courtyard of the CC's HQ, and starts barking. alot. for many hours.
then, the noble hero pear-clock talks kindly to the dog and asks him to stop his most annoying barking habbits.
nothing happens.
then, the raging hero tomato-clock enters the field: he threatens the dog, he utters curses and he screams. the dog is still barking.
tomato-clock then delivers a great verbal comeback and prepares for the most epic face pummelage that you've ever seen, a magnificent shovel-off of incredible proportions, a duel of the ages, which ended up in thunders, stones and tears.

it was truly magnificent, and a very cool movie to watch.
this is one of the few modern movies that can be considered as ''CC classics''. its that good.
excellent work, MFC, keep up the good work!

PS: no dogs were slapped in that movie. everything was the clever use of a stuntman named josh bedn. amazing work.

wow, this was funnier than what i originally expected, so congrats to you for making a funny, random, and crazy parody of the famous ''rat pack''!
i liked how you've added a mumbling/singing sound while they walked, and then you've thrown them right into the heat of the action!
excellent fighting scenes, great humour and wild action, from this epic parody+animutation (sic)
this was a really funny parody, and i enjoyed it alot!
keep up the good work, i would love to see more movies like this...

well, hello, im chris the stick2, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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