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this was once again, a legendary CC collab!

if this is going to prove anything, its that, when many CC artists are gathered together for a big CC collab/art project, they will most likely produce a masterpiece of a movie...
(either comedic, serious, spammy or full of action, it doesnt matter: it will always be good, and memorable, and quite impressive for every new viewer who wishes to see our works.)

but now, onwards to reviewing the movie at hand:
this legendary collab was perfectly combined, lead and organized by the great polyhedron clock, where, without his help, this project would suffer greatly.

as for the parts, i loved every single one of them:
the collab starts with slurpee-clock's cinematic intro, and for that reason alone, it was the best choice for having it as the first part of the collab.
after his cinematic intro ends, we see the comedic mastermind of slurpee at work.
he delivers the story nicely, and everything in there is wild, funny and explosive. excellent work.

then, we've had the nicely animated and funny part of phonograph clock, who is always delivering quality pieces in each project.
the story was good too!

also, thor clock's animation of a CC wildlife documentary was awesome, and i liked how clever it was as a story/script (by poly), while most puns in it were funny and cool.
(except from the ending, lol)

then, we have my castaway collab part, which was cool,and i enjoyed animating it.
clever story too, although a bit exaggerated.

so, zombie-linclock's part was a true masterpiece and ZL always makes excellent animations with highly detailed and beautiful/realistic characters, and this was obvious in his part in here.
his animation was very good, and everything worked flawlessly in the whole clip.
my only ''complaint'', would be that sockpuppet's story was too insane for me to comprehend.
other than that, it was good.

then, we have rob-clock's story, done by the talented thor-clock.
the story itself wasnt very original per se, but with thor-clock's visuals and splendid humour, it got a breath of new air. what a nice comedic remastering!
what a cool set of funny drawings+depictions in each scene! excellent work.

after that, we move to the part of ''dojo mojo''. (its my favorite part of the collab).
it has the excellent comedic story of thor-clock, animated by the very skilled artist polyhedron, and it tales us the story of 2 rival CC dojo's, and how one evil guy will spread wrath and envy between them, with a not-so-surprising outcome...
all of the story/lines and comedy in this was perfect, and poly did a great job animating it.

afterwards, we have the (very clever+funny) story of ZL, animated by the very talented renegade clock. in this movie, we have a clever twist: instead of it being drawn with an intricate, complicated art-style, its done in a minimalistic/dadaic style, and it does pay off.
a very clever and funny presentation indeed.

so, in sockpuppet's part, we see him animate the story of telephone clock, which results is a very beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and funny movie.
the TTS voices in this were great too...

after that we have rob-clock, who tried to animate my story.
despite the fact that rob failed to deliver the essence of my script correctly, his drawings were very beautiful and detailed, and his art skills in both desigh+animation are great and flawless, so, this movie turned out to be more than just ''a short straw'', as he said.
great visuals+animation, bad adaptation.

and lastly, we have me animating slurpee's excellent story.
its needless to say that slurpee can write some of the best/funniest/most detailed stories around, so it was a pleasure for me to help out by animating this extra part.

i should also mention that polyhedron, apart from organizing this MEGA-collab, he also animated all of those short, detailed+beautiful intros for each collab part.
seriously, those are some amazing intro's and i am amazed by each one of them.
flawless work, poly! you make us proud.

as for me, im extremely proud to have worked once again in such an epic CC collab, and to have helped you in any way that i could.
its an honour and a great thing for me to do, imho.

the credits part was also amazing as well, with an adorable scene of tom sleeping in front of the TV. what a cute scene!

all in all, this was a splendid collab, showing us all what the CC can do if they put their creative minds+art skills together.
long live the clockcrew, and have a happy clockday folks!

keep up the great work, you are the best.

OMG! once again, we see (yet again), another fine installment by the real thor-clock TM, god of thunder!!!1

in this episode of the series, we see the brave BB10 clock watching thor clock who is watching SBC, who's watching the Jitterbug commercial.
what a mighty mess!
who's watching BB10, who's watching thor-clock, who's watching SBC, who's watching the Jitterbug commercial?

i will tell you: we do!
(GASP! the 4th wall has been broken... damn! who will fix it now?)

all JK aside, this was a funny movie, which messed with BB10 clock's habit of talking with various clocks, analysing stuff and questioning many things, as he notices them.
an excellent parody, to say the least.

good work, my friend.
have a happy clockday!

Ushnor responds:

*heavy breathing*

another fine installment by the real thor-clock TM, god of thunder.
in this episode, we see the brave thor clock watching SBC, who's watching the Jitterbug commercial.

some might consider that thor clock is spying on SBC...
but i say no: thor-clock is just carefully watching over SBC, in order to protect him from his various enemies.

uhh yeah. thats it!
excellent movie bro, keep em coming!
happy clockday!

Ushnor responds:

Look forward the the sequel !

an interesting movie, filled with action, haste, and a surprising twist!
glorious c(l)ock day movie, keep up the good work!

have a happy clockday, BTW.

DaVaP responds:

C l ock day yes thanks for the 5

excellent and fresh work as always, pin!
i really liked that this time, SBC had to deal with one more ''hip''/trendy/hipster/gen-Z version of himself, which was the (in)famous strawberry-digital clock!

it was funny to see that strawberry digital to ''dab'', to brag about his fortnite achievements, and to act superior compared to poor old SBC, while he (SBC) tried to get the kids in class interested about art+animation.

also, the design aspects of ''strawberry digital'' were cool as well: from his trendy hat with a red B on it, to his ''dabs'', and the trendy new haircut, along with the more modern digital clock on his face.

i really liked SBC's plans to become more ''popular'' and more ''hip''...
your social commentary/jokes/references to fortnite, APEX, minecraft and tiktok videos were amazing, and on-point.
(i particularly loved the part where he took over the flying bus on fortnite and he kicked the driver (who is your old character, BTW!) out, while i also loved how SBC got tired by mining a single block all day+night in minecraft, and he eventually dressed up as that anime-cosplay-girl on tiktok, singing that famous meme song that we all know...
(and when he used the ''B'' blade from his ponytails as a weapon VS apple clock who interrupted him, well that was pure genius!
awesome moment. it kinda reminded me of sailor moon, for some reason.)

and the ending of the movie: it was incredible!
i liked that SBC appreciated all those people that supported him from the beginning.
and the ''crying dab'' of strawberry digital was so funny, hahahah!

great movie, amazing script, many funny jokes, good references and good voices/songs/voice acting in general.
i was proud to give you some lines for your great movie, BTW!

the credits part was great as well, (i liked my description, lol!), and it was touching that you've also dedicated this movie to the tragedy of the kyoto animation studios.

well, you always make good and interesting/funny/wild movies, so i wasnt disappointed.
this was a great ride.
keep it up, and have a happy clockday!

this was an adorable and nicely planned clockday movie!

i liked the squidgy linework used for strawberry clock and for the other characters, it made it look like a proper, old-school CC movie!
also the whole story was great: SBC going back in time, so that he can get those (now out of stock) cool old batman action figures!

and then, the final confrontation scene with batman was superb!
i liked how batman was twisting and saying ''noone can escape from batmmmmmman!'' every time, it was a brilliant scene of comedic genius.

the ending was spectacular too...
all in all, this was an awesome, funny and nicely animated clockday movie.
keep up the great work, man!
happy clockday!

Doctor-Gordon responds:

i couldn't expect less from you stichris happy clockday to you too

this was a great movie indeed!

i liked how you've drawn strawberry clock, as he's watching that cool Jitterbug commercial on TV.
and speaking of Jitterbug, what a cool company!
i should definitely use their cellphone lines services, they sound perfect for that! ;)

all in all, this was a good clockday movie, filled with suspense, action, and Jitterbugs.
keep it up, oh thor, mighty god of thunder, and have a happy clockday! :D

Ushnor responds:

In this movie review, which is objectively the best movie review ever made, BB10Clock watches StrawberryClock watch a commercial for the Jitterbug line of cellphones and then review it.

once again, an exciting and fearsome movie by grey clock:
in this installment, we see grey clock and arganorakl discuss about clockday celebrations, the stock market and about sexual encounters, until all this conversation gets interrupted by a sudden phone call.
a stranger insults our hero, and his clock-eye becomes red from rage.
the rude stranger leaves him a clue for a lost treasure: ''go to the orinoco river, and then walk 300 steps southwest.''

then, the phone line drops.
in this eerie silence, grey clock has to leave his beloved kingdom of bondravia and to go far far away, down to the mighty river of orinoco, to find the treasure of his long lost father...

this is a true masterpiece, and many people will be anxious to see grey clock's fate in the wild jungles of venezuela, as he will try to find what is lost, and to restore his family's name as mighty explorers and treasure-hunters.

good movie, i enjoyed it alot!
have a happy clockday!

well, i've witnessed this projects birth, evolution and final stage, and im extremely happy and proud for that.

iron, my friend, you've once again created a masterpiece.

because, yes:
this was a true masterpiece: the epic visuals, the 3D designs, the superb 1980's VCR aesthetic in your film, the magnificent music, and the whole splendor of the movie, as the giant D letter was crossing the sky...

this was a perfect retrowave movie filled with awesoness and grandeur.
keep up the excellent work, man, and have a happy clockday!

PS: i would love to see a similar version of ''B'', but as a tribute to the archetype that started it all!

hey, that was an awesome and very funny short movie, about the frequent issues and problems that a game developer (and programmer) faces every day, while he tries to complete his projects, and to make ends meet.

i liked how smeghead-clock was angrily moving the ''player'' tile in his game slowly, and that each step in his games development made him work more and... ''4 hours later'' appeared frequently after each step of his work... (a tragic truth in such jobs)

i also liked that the posters behind smeghead clock featured his old pals from 2007 (namely our team of friends, smicorules, saltshaker clock, BOOM-clock, and me, to name a few people)
also the photos on smeghead's desk with him, shaltshaker and me were truly a nice and beautiful detail in your movie.

the final scene where BB10 appears and asks him for his help was pure genius!
your movie has excellent humour, and that final scene was a great climax to the whole thing...

all in all, excellent work.
keep it up, and have a happy clockday!

well, hello, im chris the stick2, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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