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this is an incredible movie, pops!
i loved all the graphics and the cool inside-jokes in it...
absolutely fantastic work, i shall leave a more detailed review later, but for now,
i will only say: keep up the good work! 5/5

woah, an impressive part on ''clockbustas''!
indeed, chaos reigns supreme in this episode, and im certain that only the cast of the original clockbustas can save the day! ;)

the animation was great, with a very smooth pace, beautiful drawings of each clock (that ZL was very detailed), and with a nice attention to detail, as the ''corruption'' in the movie appears in the form of ''mistakes'' in the otherwise normal CC events (such as SBC having a viking's helmet instead of his crown, or the new clockbustas being renegade, ovenglove, triangle and oldskoo clock, etc etc).

the final scene where the new clockbustas battle VS the ZL-ghost-snake thing, is magnificent, and drawn in the amazing style of ''paper-craft'', which seems very difficult to draw/to animate with, but as always, you've mastered to draw+animate with this tough design flawlessly.
as for the ending, lets hope that things will be better for the clocks in the next episode(s).

all in all, excellent work as always, sir.
keep it up!

Pop-Tart responds:

Thanks, BB10!

spam is the best thing for a proper clocktopian diet.
7 doctors out of 10 recommend SPAM for a healthy lifestyle.

smooth animation, and a short but OK movie.
this will be a good prelude for the next part(s).
decent work.

ah, a good little movie.
nice drawing of rob clock, as he ponders about the issues of everyday life, from debts, to work/overworking and facing existential dread, topics that are always current and evident in modern life (sadly).

the animation was smooth, and i really liked how rob's monologue builded up to the final scene where he was holding down the queue at the supermarket.
the other clocks were nicely drawn too.

all in all, this was an OK movie.

as red said, ''BB10 rests in piss'' (sic).
i couldn't expect anything less from you, bob.

but i have an interesting question to ask:
who is the obsessive lunatic here, the person who never talks to you for the last 5+ years, or the guy who keeps mocking me, even after my ban?
i will wait.

despite that, i guess its typical of some petty+vindictive people to hold a grudge like that, even after all those years.

but i digress. lets review this movie.
OK, its a static of BB10's gravestone, with various dates+notes on it.
the music is a great scottish song with bagpipes, a sound which always makes me happy.
then, the scene remains static, until rob clock pisses on BB10's grave.
typical of rob, ofcourse, to kick people while they're down.

OK, the movie has simple visuals, static animation, and a single scene unfolding in there.
nothing much, without any extreme innovation.
as for the plot? its malicious, but i shall vote it fairly.

cheers bobby boy, now stop adding me in your movies, will ya? ;)

as a BB10, i can confirm that gyros's are very delicious indeed.
i also liked how you recreated our cool conversations about gyros and old ads, while the scene where iron clock couldnt eat the gyros due to his closed helmet was hilarious.
the final scene was violent, but also funny too.
(although no mere poster can harm BB10, for he is an excellent swordsman, lol)

the movie had nicely drawn characters, a good background, nice scenes and good humour.
excellent work once again, redbook!
keep it up!

an incredible movie!
in it, we see floundermadden as he deals with hunger issues and he claims some hot dogs for himself.
the ''i have a gun-'' scene was awesome, and slurpee's butt in that scene was indeed beautiful, just like the older reviews claimed.

nice visuals, good animation, splendid humour, you scored a home-run again, floundermadden!

this was a great movie about the MVP of clocktopian (american) football association, floundermadden clock, as he run through the field for an epic home run.

what a nice walking cycle animation! nice drawings of the characters, and good visuals, as the character marched on for the superb home run in the green field's goal.
spectacular work, good visuals, and a nice music track.
keep it up, sir!

an incredible journey to the bottom of the earth! (or at least to the bottom of the mine-shaft)
as i also know, smegmining business is one of the toughest jobs out there, and it needs from people to have strong arms, good stamina and a good shovel, while a perfectly angled mustache is also a necessary precaution.

i loved it when the flounderman smegminer tried to enjoy his nestle (TM) candy bar in peace, and when he encountered the bedn, that he truly had an epic battle royale against him.
what a great scene, what a nice movie!
perfect work as always, this movie gets 10 coals out of 10.

this was an excellent movie, man!
i loved how banana-clock tried to scam SBC into giving him a full refund for the ice cream that he ate, and their exchange of words+insults/comebacks was amazing.
i like it when banana said:
''i will sue you, buy the dirt, i will plant azaleas in there, and then i will sue them too, for making too much oxygen in my dirt''
also the part where he said:
''i will #metoo you on twitter'' was hilarious as well,
and the ''expensive shoes+steaks'' part was also funny, focusing on banana clock's arrogance and silliness.

the whole movie was amazing, full of many funny moments, good one-liners, and with many things to love in it.
excellent work, keep it up!

well, hello, im chris the stick2, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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