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this was a great movie, pecheneg!
your animation skills are great, and the whole animation had a nice, swift pace in it, while the FPS speed was perfect and it flowed nicely along with everything else.

the characters movements and face expressions were superb, with good pace and with great detail too, as every character in your movie was nicely drawn+coloured, and with good sequences for each scene.

apart from the nicely drawn characters, the story was quite funny as well:
it was about how BB10 rescued oatmeal clock from the barbarians, and they joined forces to visit the glorious city of newgrounds...

i like how you've drawn all the characters: from ooo-land's BEEMO to the witcher, who had a great bubblegum-chewing animation, (it was really funny!).
another nice detail was how hardcore+nicely designed were our characters when they reached the rock+heavy metal bar, where they got black+white make-up and they rocked out!
apart from that, i liked all the inside-jokes and the cool references that existed throughout the whole movie, along with the nice details in each spot of the map.

i was very proud to be a part of your great animation, pecheneg, and i was very happy to not only voice-act for this, but to also design the map as well!
i am very happy to help a friend, and i hope that we will do this again soon in the near future.

all in all, it was a nicely drawn, flawlessly animated movie, with good pace, many cool details+references/jokes, and with some solid humour. (also with some very nice music as well.)
excellent work, keep it up!

Pecheneg responds:

Thanks for review Chris!
I have to say that this is very good expirience BUT here are some mistakes from my side.
So according to the feedback now I should understood basics of storytelling. Yeah, some people just can't understood what is going on, who are those characters and what is their motivation. It will be fixed.
But from the other side I also liked the creation process. It was stupid but funny. :-D
Anyway, thanks for help! I am just learning.

Regards, Sergey!

this one was a promising new madness movie, with some good pace, nice FPS speed, good action, and with some nice battle scenes...
good job!

the only ''problem'', was that it was too short.
you should add more scenes/battles/situations in the movie, and end it like that only if it will continue in the next part... (as a cliffhanger or something).

nice movie, it was cool, nicely animated and it had an interesting protagonist in it.
keep up the good work!

its an interesting idea, although slightly badly drawn, if you may allow me saying so.

the best way to fix this issue, is by drawing the madness characters as simple geometrical shapes.
try drawing ovals in flash for their heads, and a rough rectangle for their bodies, while you can draw some simple circles with lines for their hands, and some basic gun models by studying some pics online (or by doing some basic L-shaped guns with lines in flash)...

when you will have your basic characters +designs ready, prepare to draw some simple, yet more quality-drawn backgrounds, drawn with lines in the important objects of the scene, (for example the ship+the control panel of the ship), and using thick (or narrow) brushes for the background (for example, the sea+the sea floor)...

that way, you will be able to better portray your story, because it certainly sounds interesting, and i would like to see more about this, and/or more stuff like this.

also your sea-monster/guardian/ursula, needs to be more detailed, while it should be slightly different than tricky the clown in her design...

anyways, this was a promising movie, and i hope that you will slowly improve over time with practice, because this is a very promising script, and its pretty original for a madness movie.
keep up the good work!

omithealien responds:


this was a really nice parody of the ''johnny johnny'' meme!

i like how you've drawn the main characters, the linework is good, and their face expressions were nicely drawn+funny.

plus, i really liked how in each scene, johnny was melting more and more, until he became a pile of mud in the end.
very clever detail, and a very funny movie overall!

good stuff, keep it up.

Passaralho responds:

Thanks <3

wow! this movie was VERY impressive!

i really liked how you've drawn all the characters:
from the black betty lady, to the 3 thugs that were trying to fight her. each character had his/her own unique face expressions, its features, and its poses, while the linework +the design of all the character's faces was superb. the same applies for the face expressions, which were very accurate and realistic.

also, the characters anatomy, poses and general design was perfect, and especially in the case of mrs black betty. her body was very realistic, slim, toned and sexy!
her face +her face expressions were great as well!

the final battle scene was quite a spectacle.
nice punches, good evasions, sweet action.
everything was nicely tuned to the music, and it was truly a memorable movie, despite the obviously sexy material that we saw in here by black betty...

all in all, it was a good movie, with great character design.
you are a good artist...
keep up the good work!

Cthulhuzann responds:

Thanks! The three guys are named Targo (green hair), Gobby (bald) and Lil Mutant (blonde) I made up little back stories for them but then I just killed all 3 of them. Oh well.

this was a clever, creative, and quite true joke about the modern state of the ''dating apps'' that we see today.

too many requirements, and too few options.
(ofcourse not all dating apps are this complicated or ''premium'', but still: some of them are quite messy, while only the more simple ones deserve to be used+supported..)

as for your animation, it was good: the animation's speed was good, with a nice pace, and the character's might not have been detailed or very nicely drawn (sorry!), but they had nice face expressions, and the lip-syncing was great.

plus, the scenes where the one guy says: ''dude, i havent understood a single thing from what you've f**#ing said to me...'', or the scene where a lady tries to talk with the other guy, and he says ''damnit lady! cant you see that im trying to talk with my friend over here?!'' and then he says, ''i will try to find you some ladies on the app'', those scenes were really funny, clever and enjoyable.

all in all, it was a good movie, with a nice message.
keep up the good work!

CowClown responds:

Thanks Chris, I appreciate the nice feedback.

woah, this was a great and hilarious animation!

great drawings of all the characters, nice character movement, good pace, smooth animation, good linework, great face expressions and nice punchlines!

this movie had it all!

i loved how the prosecutor kept listing rahul's ''crimes'' and convictions, but rahul replied with a snappy comeback every time, and the court, the jury, and even the judge laughed out loud!
also, i loved how you've drawn rahul, the judge and the prosecutor realistically (in the end),
so as to resemble a court's drawing of the people who testified for this case...
it was a clever and beautiful detail, and i liked how rahul was doing the ''rahul dance''!

furthermore, there were many great puns, punchlines and funny moments in this movie, therefore making it great, enjoyable and very memorable as well...

also, the punchline/title of ''rahul found GUITY... ...of being a GREAT character!'' was pure genius. i loved it.

all in all, a great movie, and you should do more epic/funny/cool movies like this in the future.
you're good, keep it up!

PapaLegba responds:

Thanks my man

another classic work of grotesque bizarre horror by grey van clock.

in this movie, we dont have the classic characters of ''moustache-man'', of ''eye-patch man from the FUTURE'', or the lady-robot with the big rack, while the absense of the heroic bb10 is also a huge loss from this installment, not to mention that grey clock Ph.d. should be also in this film as well...

however, the movie is unique and wild, its just not packing up a punch as the older ones did...

i loved how your film started with the evil cat-person saying to the globe-clock-lady, that:

''your scientists have yet to discover how neural networks create self-consciousness, let alone how the brain process 2 dimensional butt images into the 3-D phenomenon, known as human perception.''

and the globe-clock-lady replied with:
are you threatening me?

as cat-person replies:
...i just did.

the tension is very heavy, and you can see where this epic stand-off is going, UNTIL!
the familiar creepy alien from your older movies makes a surprising appearance, thus preventing an epic battle of wits between the evil-cat-person and the globe-clock-lady...

oh, and the poop-tree that sprouted from the lady's butt? it was really clever, yet gross.
but it was original, i guess...

all in all, this was a good grey-clock movie, but not as top-tier as your older ones.
needs more cowbell, and needs more grey-clock+other clocks in it.

happy clockday!

woah, another good thor-clock movie, about recent CC events!

indeed, i wrote this epic review about rob-clock's movie, where he claimed that animating my script was him getting ''the short straw'' of the deal, obviously meaning that my script was the worst of the whole lot, while in reality it wasnt that bad.
(it was quite enjoyable in fact).

and so, being the little vindictive guy that he is, rob half-heartedly animated his part under my script and he changed many parts of the script so that it will look absurd, revisioned partly, and edited some more, so that it will always portray bb10 in a negative or stupid way.

but, lets say that im OK with him butchering my script. lets even say that i will accept him whining all the time that he got ''the short straw'' of the deal, alright.

he should've at least added me as a co-author in that movie and he should've credited me for my work, without sarcasm, malice or anything else.
i wrote that script, and thanks to my script (and to his good animating skills), he earned the daily 2nd award.

but what can i say? bob will never have any honor or dignity, so my arguments are probably an exercise to futility...

about your movie, thor:

everything was nicely drawn, the clock-characters were cute, and the animation was smooth.
but the best part was how you voice-acted as ''bb10''.
oh man, that was hilarious! excellent work! :D

i loved the moments where ''bb10'' paused and snorted/breathed fast with rage, or when his voice was changing between hostile and friendly, while finishing off with a ''BOB'', as a final insult.

however it IS true, rob-clock does consider the name ''bob'' an inaccurate way to call his name, and he also considers it ''an insult''. he's that thick.

needless to say, i really liked this parody of me, and i wasnt angry at all.
i laughed alot, and i loved this movie, man!
*heavy, angry breathing*

everything in this movie made good fun out of a small dramatic event, and i liked it alot.
the voice-acting was superb.

keep up the good work, thor!

PS: lol, the ''co-author'' move of adding me as a ''writer'' for this movie was a moment of pure genius, hahaha! excellent joke/reference/irony.

Ushnor responds:

Glad you liked it. I was hoping you wouldn't misconstrue it as a personal attack or something, especially since I've already made movies before based on your reviews



...that was a monumental battle of wits, a duel of titans, the eternal battle between orange (colour) clock and orange (fruit) clock... it was incredible, violent, harsh, dramatic, suspenseful, intense, tearful a sublime in any way, it was quite the shocker...
it was very... orange.
good work.

well, hello, im chris the stick2, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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