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Epic BB10 Tribute Epic BB10 Tribute

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is indeed a legendary flash tribute the the legendary Cc hero, BB10-clock, swordsman extraordinaire.

i liked the graphics, and the epic buildup of the preloader, up until the big reveal: of BB10's movie being a tribute to his wacky antics! well done, sir vuvu of clock! ;)

i remember this sig back from the CC forums era, but i lost the file, so im glad to see it again!
my only suggestions would be:
-needs more swords
-needs more songs (preferrably epic)
-a loop of BB10 swinging his sword/running would be quite beautiful.

but apart from those suggestions, this was a great flash movie, and i liked it alot.
keep making great movies!
thank you for the epic tribute, my 5's are always with you!

Horny Is As Horny Does Horny Is As Horny Does

Rated 5 / 5 stars

oh man, ''horny the dog'', is finally here!
i remember seeing your older posts, mentioning that you were posting screenshots+short clips of your character, since this was a WIP.

it took you a long time, but the quality of the animation is great as always: good walking loop, nicely framed+looped background, many details both in the background, and in the character's movements, his face/eye expressions were very nice and detailed...

it was a great cartoon, and it reminded me of the old classics: ren and stimpy, looney tunes, and some of the other, more naughty cartoons that were created in the 1930's...

another cool detail: horny's cigars had the ''crying indian'' label/trademark, which depicted a devastated indian/native american while seeing a massacre at his village.
i dont like it when people are making fun of the native americans, but if it was a clever way to point out the suffering of the native americans, then i guess its OK.

i also liked how horny's eyes were rolling like a slot-machine when he saw that sexy chick.
all of his other ''lusty'' animations+expressions reminded me, once again, of old classic cartoons.
another cool part was the scene where his cigar's smoke formed an accurate(?) representation of his wealth: airplanes, cars, dollars and a mansion.

the woman was drawn in a great way as well: nicely drawn hips, good boobs, and a beautiful face, all combined together into a flawless animation sequence.
she was really nicely drawn, and it was one of the best parts of the cartoon.

the plot twist was also good, and horny's suicide+the girl's answer with a ''wooden'' sign were also some nicely animated parts of the film, making it even more memorable.

it was very short, but animated in a great way.
you certainly have the skills of a great animator, and i never expected anything less from you.
i was always a big fan of johnny rocketfingers, and despite our disagreements, i always admired your work and i respected you as an artist.

so, i hope that you will keep up the good work, and that you will keep growing as an arist, both creatively and emotionally.


LL - Seeing Double LL - Seeing Double

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i have to agree with the reviewers below:
this is the greatest movie of 2016's lockday! ;)

seriously tho, i liked the squigly linework of the movie, and the cute use of speakonia for the voices. the whole story was hilarious (wine: i will tell u about magic the gathering: ''nerd talk'' LOL!)
i also loved the moments where courgette breaks the news to the 2 wine-lock's: and that they wanted to meet eachother: ''how do you do wine?'', ''why, im fine, thank you'', and the: ''you're out of sync, wine'' part was great as well!

well, you get what i mean: your movie was nicely executed, and with a great story+humour in it...
i guess im seeing double too!

PS: plot twist: courgette was drunk.

PPS: this was a great movie, and i enjoyed it alot, so keep up the good work!

[LL] - Family Addition [LL] - Family Addition

Rated 5 / 5 stars

it was a long wait, but...
who's the father?!

oh man, that was a nicely animated, funny movie.
great gag, and cool joke of wine's metal-rage reactions...

everything was nicely drawn, and with a fluid animation...
good work, keep it up!

ThanksGiving day with Clocks ThanksGiving day with Clocks

Rated 5 / 5 stars

well, its a wonderful animation about two friends who are trying to prepare for their thanksgiving dinner, and i loved both the drawings of the characters, their clock-eyes/clock-faces, the backgrounds were good, and the whole design of the movie was great.
i also liked the appearance of subtitles, and the cool ''looney tunes'' scene transition, i LOVED it! :)
the whole movie had a funny story, nice design, and a flawless animation in general.

my only ''complaints'' were:

-the lack of sound. this movie had music, but it needed some voices. you could use speakonia for the clock-character's voices, and/or other things for the sound effects, such as the knock on BB10's door.

-the lack of a preloader. this movie is great, but it needs a preloader, or a play/replay button.
if a movie loops, it looks strange. so, a preloader would solve that problem.
you can get a free preloader here, from NG!

other than those minor issues, your movie was great, and i really enjoyed it.
you are a good artist, redbook, and i see much potential in you, so keep up the good work!

PS: happy thanksgiving, and happy holidays, in general!

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MatelOl responds:

Awesome review, very thanks! and yes im gonna edit the .fla and put a preloader, I did not have time to put a preloader because I was focused on the animation. Thanks BB10.

Ballad of BB10 part II Ballad of BB10 part II

Rated 5 / 5 stars

an excellent rap-adventure by the legendary rapper+swordsman bb10-clock, animated beautifully by the talented animator, butthatclock.
whats not to like in this?
i loved it!

everything, from the starting sequence, to the part where bb10 unfolds the ''internet map'' (with many great easter eggs+cool inside jokes in it), to the moment where he reaches the swamp of exile, and meets with the epic sage butthatclock, to the part where bb10 raps, everything is animated perfectly, with nicely drawn characters, cool+funny scenes and with fluid animation.

as for the humour, its great!
i really had fun voicing this project, and i generally admire asshat-clock's work.
so, yeah, keep up the good work, and lets keep on clockin' !

you are the best!

BilliardBall10 Wars: Episode 1 BilliardBall10 Wars: Episode 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

''in one gallaxy, far far away, the brave BB10 rises. will he save the universe?''

ah, great tribute to BB10/to the BB10 brigade, thor!
i loved it!

nice intro, clever jokes about SW, good puns, and funny voice-acting for thor-clock.
excellent design, and a good, funny story in here.
i liked both thor's+polyhedron's appearance in here, but i also loved l1fty;s cameo in here as well.

seeing BB10 was ofcourse, a very pleasant sight, since he is a legendary swordsman, afterall.
(and a key part of the series).

with that being said, i must correct a few things about the BB10 lore:
-BB10's enemy/nemesis is BB8, the evil 8-ball, for he always tries to kill BB10, and/or to blackmail him in various ways.
-BB10's sister would be BB12 (billiard with purple stripe).
-also BB10's best friend and ally is the BB9 ball (billiard with yellow stripe), who has many clones, and can form an army for BB10's various needs, in case a large war errupts in the kingdom of feltlands.
and yes, BB10's country is the mighty kingdom of feltlands, where the BB1 (yellow ball) is the king, and BB10 has a small fiefdom in there, as a reward for his services to the king.

but apart from those small mistakes on BB10's lore, your movie was perfect: a great tribute to a cool(?) clock.
thank you, and keep up the great work!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

nicely animated parody of the famous song, with fast-paced animation, good character drawings, and a nice funny story in it... good humour+sweet animation!

man, im glad i saved it! (my vote protected this film from judgement).

PS: for ''who should i do next'', animate ''rap god'' by eminem, but without the song, just sing it yourself, just to be on the safe side...

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bucketboi responds:

lol thanks man appreciate the vote. and ill look into that rap god gonna be abit crazy to animate but ill give it a try.

Dva's Plushie Trouble Dva's Plushie Trouble

Rated 5 / 5 stars

really nice animation, with good drawings of the characters, nice face expressions, good pace on your animation's speed, nicely drawn backgrounds, and a funny short story in it...

everything was great in it, especially Dva's close-up of her angry face. nicely drawn, my friend!

keep making cool animations like this, it was really good! :)

PS: if you want a cool idea for an animation, draw my character BB10 (check out my avatar+movies for reference), defeating many zombies, but he eventually forgets that he left his car open, and one zombie steals it.

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Girl makes animal sounds Girl makes animal sounds

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this was a really nice animation, bravo! :)

i mean, the voice-acting of the animal voices was great and spot-on (i was impressed by those nice imitations), but whats even better than the voice-acting, was the movie itself: it was nicely drawn, with good character designs, nice face expressions of the girl, good ''transformations'' of the girl into the animals that she was imitating, good lip-syncing, nice animation sequences, and with good humour too! (also an important aspect of the movie)...

so, all in all, this movie managed to both depict your good voice-acting skills, (and your great animation/drawing skills as well), and to also do it with great humour, thus making this a very nice, and enjoyable movie.

i really liked the whole movie, so you're great, my friend!
keep making funny movies like this, it was great!

OverTheMoon14 responds:

Hey, thanks for the review and thank you for taking the time to watch it:)

I will try to make animations as often as I can.