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i think that its a nice ambient music/relax music with some abstract sounds of nature and with some cool moments with chinese musical instruments tuning in too, thus forming a cool audio experience for the viewer/listener.

the drawn characters in the vid are cool too. did you drew them? (the couple that looks like tarzan and jane, but dressed up in japanese kimonos...)
the phoenix bird and the cat lady also look good too.

all in all, good work, i liked it.

BlackUniGryphon responds:

Thank you (again).
Those are my O.C.s. The lady is named "Lively" and the guy is named 敖兴涛 Áo Xìngtāo (Ow Sching-tao). They're technically in Chinese robes/clothes called "Hanfu" but u can call 'em Kimonos, if that's easier. ;)

It's a pretty old piece. If you care to scroll through my gallery the originals are there... I mean... if you want to. -no pressure...

Here's the original 2009 sketch:

a great movie, featuring the legendary quincy M.E., and his quest for the lost (butt) photos.
the main character was nicely drawn, and his voice acting was good, while the different voice+subtitles added even more to the (already good) comedic effect of the movie.

also, the female mayor who congratulated quincy for his successful mission was nicely drawn as well, and her voice-actress was very good too (bravo, mrs three-star!).
the whole movie was well-animated, with nicely drawn characters, good voice acting and with some solid humour.

5/5, i would quincy that again.
keep up the good work!

wow, this was a great collection of not 1, not 2, but of 4 great CC movies!
seriously man, you are one of the most prolific, productive and creative young clocks of the CC, and its impressive to see how quickly you've perfected and evolved your art style over the last couple of years...

your movies are well-animated, with nicely drawn characters, a unique art style, and with some great humour too!
my favorite movies of the group were corpsegrinder's movie and pops+vuvu's girls adventure movie, lol!
you do many great movies, and you always add your unique creative signature in them, along with some splendid humour.

keep up the great work, and have a happy clockday!

RealRedbookClock responds:

please review my movie

this was a very well-formed, nicely animated movie about pop-tart's problems after he finished SBC's chores that kept him distracted while SBC stole his car...
(good reference to your other movie too!)

alone, late at night, and without a car to get him quickly at his home, pop-tart embarks on a true odyssey on getting back home, but alas, he is tricked into following the path and the trials of the ''painful five'', an arcane ritual of harsh attacks which make a clock to suffer from the wrath of five clocks in order to escape from this eternal road.

apart from the great and original story, the movie also had great visuals, clever jokes, and epic CC references (the unfinished ''Void III'' being once again, one of them, lol!).
i liked what you did with the road signs, they all had clever little jokes and references about some clocks and their movies, from satellite, to ankh, to flounderman, to many more.

the final scene where pop-tarts meets verite clock was truly interesting, cool and funny.
i also loved the epic conclusion of the movie, and the extra jokes in it too!

all in all, it was a large adventure, full of beautifully drawn characters, smooth animation and great humour.
i absolutely love what you do with your CC movies+stories, and i highly suggest you to do more stuff like this in the future, even in short CC movies...

excellent work, keep it up, and have a happy clockday!

this was an excellent CC movie, man!

i liked how well-animated this movie was, with its flawless pace, the fluid animation, the nicely drawn characters and the great face/clock expressions!

as for the story, it was hilarious!
i liked seeing SBC trying to make his loyal subjects happy, and to cheep up his fellow clocks, albeit in an aggressive, chaotic way!

there were many good inside-jokes and visual puns, from jamba clock's obsession with sonic and the ''gotta go fast'' famous line, to flopydisk wanting to become ''very strong'', to SBC's list of chores for pop-tart to do, which included ''firing the DMW employee for not allowing SBC ''to drive'', or when one chore said ''to finish the Void III'', which is a well known joke (and request) within the CC...

SBC's jokes and punchlines were great in this, as were his wild face expressions!
i also liked the final scene with the car, it was great!

all in all, this was a superb movie with beautiful visuals, smooth animation and great jokes in it. (solid humour)
keep up the good work, keep making great movies like this, and have a happy clockday!

oh my god, this is... absolutely fantastic, pin!
what a great movie!

as always, your animation speed, pacing and style is flawless, while the smooth animation's movement makes this movie very pleasing to the eye, along with the very nicely drawn characters, and the thick, clean lines (linework) in them, along with the beautifully drawn backgrounds.

i love how you tried something different in there, and you've added BB10 as a clockless guy, with eyes and a mouth, and you've made him ADORABLE!
i am so impressed and happy by how nicely you've incorporated such a unique and different style for my character, and its truly refreshing to see a well-known character in such a new (and cute) light!

as for the story, its touching, happy and beautiful.
i like how young BB10 makes a movie with stickmen who are sword fighting (good call), and that he is ready to go submit his movie on NG, but sadly, its raining outside!
i loved that the rain drops were shaped like red B's, and how nicely synced the rain sequence was with the music.
(speaking of the music, it was cheerful, vibrant and emotional, so that was great too.)

and i absolutely loved how this story about BB10 avoiding the sudden ''B'' rain shaped up nicely into a ''origins story'' for BB10-clock's birth and first steps in the CC.
the movie's +BB10's transformation scene, and the final scene at the CC's garden was truly beautiful, poetic and very touching.
it made me to smile and to tear up a bit.
it was that beautiful.

i couldn't be happier with seeing such a great movie this clockday, so thanks alot for doing such a great movie, and with a cameo of my clock no less...
thank you, and keep making epic movies, my friend!

happy clockday!

PinClock responds:

Thank you so much, BB10!

i remember hearing this joke somewhere, many years ago!
to this day, it still makes me laugh.

as for your movie, its amazing as always.
the backgrounds of the sea, and the external view of the aircraft carrier, along with its detailed+realistic inside view, its incredible.
everything is highly detailed, the characters are nicely drawn, and the voice acting is great too!

all in all, its a great movie with solid humour, and a true gift for all of us out there.
keep up the excellent work, and have a happy clockday, my friend!

switch clock might've forgotten about clockday,
but he still did a great lil movie about it! ;)

good job, man! nicely drawn character, smooth animation, good voice-acting, and some good humour in it too...
a great lil movie, have a happy clockday, and stay awesome!

wow, that was a cool action movie, full of many epic moments!
the duel between strawberry clock and peter pan was suspenseful, epic, and hilarious!
i loved the moment where the attack of peter pan met SBC's inner resistance: his old flintstones-shaped vitamin tablets that were in his body from 20 years ago!
LOL, that part was truly hilarious.

and the final scene was great too.

great work, my friend, keep it up, and have a happy clockday!

this was a great movie, smeghead!
i really like that over the years, your animation style+pace keeps getting better and better.
plus, i loved the humour in your movie (about procastination and distractions), and the background that you've drawn of SHC's building/apartment was very detailed and beautiful!

all in all, this was an excellent short movie, and im always happy to see new movies by you!
keep up the good work, be well, and have a happy clockday!

well, hello, im chris the stick2, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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