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Rated 5 / 5 stars

nicely animated parody of the famous song, with fast-paced animation, good character drawings, and a nice funny story in it... good humour+sweet animation!

man, im glad i saved it! (my vote protected this film from judgement).

PS: for ''who should i do next'', animate ''rap god'' by eminem, but without the song, just sing it yourself, just to be on the safe side...

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bucketboi responds:

lol thanks man appreciate the vote. and ill look into that rap god gonna be abit crazy to animate but ill give it a try.

Dva's Plushie Trouble Dva's Plushie Trouble

Rated 5 / 5 stars

really nice animation, with good drawings of the characters, nice face expressions, good pace on your animation's speed, nicely drawn backgrounds, and a funny short story in it...

everything was great in it, especially Dva's close-up of her angry face. nicely drawn, my friend!

keep making cool animations like this, it was really good! :)

PS: if you want a cool idea for an animation, draw my character BB10 (check out my avatar+movies for reference), defeating many zombies, but he eventually forgets that he left his car open, and one zombie steals it.

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Girl makes animal sounds Girl makes animal sounds

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this was a really nice animation, bravo! :)

i mean, the voice-acting of the animal voices was great and spot-on (i was impressed by those nice imitations), but whats even better than the voice-acting, was the movie itself: it was nicely drawn, with good character designs, nice face expressions of the girl, good ''transformations'' of the girl into the animals that she was imitating, good lip-syncing, nice animation sequences, and with good humour too! (also an important aspect of the movie)...

so, all in all, this movie managed to both depict your good voice-acting skills, (and your great animation/drawing skills as well), and to also do it with great humour, thus making this a very nice, and enjoyable movie.

i really liked the whole movie, so you're great, my friend!
keep making funny movies like this, it was great!

OverTheMoon14 responds:

Hey, thanks for the review and thank you for taking the time to watch it:)

I will try to make animations as often as I can.

Interview To Become A Youtuber Interview To Become A Youtuber

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this was a nice and funny movie!

i liked the detailed drawings of the character's faces, from the youtube job interviewer, to the female protagonist's face, to the nicely drawn faces of oprah winfrey and albert einstein...
this was good!

i also liked how the girl tried hard to succeed on make-up tutorial videos, on exercise videos, and on random vines+funny vids+compilations...
the ending was great, and her face expressions were perfectly funny... :D

all in all, this was a funny, nicely drawn, and nicely executed movie, full of good moments, and with a nice design+animation in it...

so its good.
keep making cool stuff, and please keep supporting newgrounds!
we need more people leaving their mark in here as well!


jcganimation responds:

Thank you so much! I appreciate it! :)

Zolt - Animation Test Zolt - Animation Test

Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice movie!

for a test, this is really good...

your movie has a nice animation in it, good style, and it had a really good animation speed... (good FPS...), also: i see nice linework, good voice-acting(its always welcome!), and a funny little story in it...
it might've been short, but its a goodie! :D

intereresting main character, good punchline, and a nice movie overall.

questions: was this animated mostly with tweens, or FBF? (frame by frame)?
also, what FPS did it have? 20? or more?

nice movie, keep up the good work!

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alexparr2006 responds:

Frame by Frame on Scratch
10 FPS
For the walking part, I used a script which made it travel to a certain position in a certain amount of time [go to x (#) y (#) in (#) seconds]


Rated 5 / 5 stars

woah, a nice and cool story of a drunk ghost!

i really liked how you've drawn your characters in this one:
everything looks (and probably is) drawn in pencil, and each character's face expression and design is really nicely drawn...
then, the screen+background of the movie had some weird flipping+twisting effects, while the background often had some live-action moments from irl places, which was also an interesting sight to behold...

also: the drunk ghost's story, as he was drinking around, messing with people, breaking stuff, and drunk driving (dont drink and drive!!!), it was a nice, and wild story, and i liked both its whole run, and its conclusion...

the ghost's face expressions, were great, and its design, along with the hawaiian shirt taht he was wearing, was a nice detail as well...

all in all, a very good movie, which was worth watching.
plus: jazz music! can't go wrong with that one... ;)

good stuff man, keep it up!

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PapaLegba responds:

Nice feedback man ty
His name is Rahul see the whole adventure here


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


nicely drawn characters, a good portrait of the mad scientist, but the whole story was abstract... strange, and creepy!

good animation tho, nice drawings of the characters, and a nice combination of animation+sound in this movie...

just try to add a story/a plot next time, ok?
good work.

Stickman Tournament: Fight! (hamza4k) Stickman Tournament: Fight! (hamza4k)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

some really nicely animated fighting scenes, filled with many cool battles, various necromancing skills by some stickmen, with cool kicks+punches in between, and its also a movie filled with lots of humour +with many cool jokes, so bravo for that as well!

all in all, a cool movie with many nicely animated fighting scenes, and with some really funny jokes...
good work! keep it up!

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BMimo responds:


Animator vs Hamza4k Animator vs Hamza4k

Rated 5 / 5 stars

interesting stickman movie, a good replica/tribute of the classic ''animator VS stickman'' movie, and it had some pretty creative fighting scenes+PC commands, while the chasing scenes between the programs of the PC, and the final battles of the user VS the stickman were so good, that they created a unique movie, despite the fact that it was directly based from a famous movie...

all in all, good work, nice animation, and good ideas+humour in this movie.
keep it up.

BMimo responds:


[Short] School and Bullying [Short] School and Bullying

Rated 5 / 5 stars

once again, you've created a nice movie!

i liked how you drew SBC's/orange's/rasp's hats and lunchboxes; also, the general appearance of the characters was good, while the backgrounds of the movie were nicely drawn as well...

as for the story, it displayed the problem that kids have with bullying. a problem that has always existed in organised societies (and in any learning academy for young children), a problem that has only now become relevant and (kinda) adressed in a direct manner.

with that being said, you've animated the dialogue of SBC's team and of carrot's bully-team nicely, and the final battle was animated in a great, fluid way.

i liked the whole animation, but i guess i was expecting a final puncline,
perhaps a final scene where SBC takes his revenge VS the bullies? or a scene where SBC finds a new, stronger, but more benevolent ally, an ally that defeats carrot's team, and thus, saves the day?
i dont know, i was just expecting more things to happen after the final battle.
(like a conclusive scene or something).

apart from the cliffhanger ending, the whole movie was good, nicely animated and charming.
keep up the good work!

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