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those are some great drawings of absinthe clock and nintendo!

i like that they both look unique, with power poses and strong bodies (good muscle details, in their general anatomy), while another fine part is their victory/loss poses; in the
''losing poses'' we see a broken absinthe clock with a dali-like melted clock (clever detail!), and nintendo clock's broken/twisted arm behind his back.

their victory poses are nice too: from absinthe clock twirling his moustache triumphantly ( a glorious dali-eque moustache), to nintendo clock giving a thumbs up.

all in all, those are great drawings, that made a good game, even better!
very nice work.

a nice drawing of rob clock's favorite clockette, mrs succubus clock!
true to the character's name, she's drawn accurately as a succubbus/clock creature, with a nice body, good ABS, nice boobs, shapely hips, and wide shoulders, along with some nicely drawn clavicles as well.

another nice detail is her tail and her hair, along with her bat-like wings.
she also looks good in the gym outfit, even if its indeed less skimpy than a succubus's typical attire.
the sport's bra and the leggings are nicely drawn, and with good colours too.

as for the whole pic, it has good linework, nice use of colours, and a blurry, but cool background.
its dark that succubus clock is eating someone's heart (and the victim seems to be a dead clock, judging from the skeleton's skull in the BG, since it only had one (clock) eye.)
but its a cool drawing, and its nicely designed.

good work.

she's absolutely gorgeous.

great pose, awesome (shy/anxious) face expression, she has a beautiful face, with nice details on her eyes/lips, on her luxurious hair, and i like that this sports outfit wraps nicely around her slightly plump, yet juicy+sexy body.

her boobs are nice, and her slight belly pudge is cute.
she has a nice pose, and i like the red ''blushing''/stress spots around her body+face.

its a really nice drawing, and she's a cute, sexy and unique character of yours.
good work, keep it up!

GreenRachelJelly responds:

Aawww, thank you!! I'm so glad you like her! That really means a lot! 💚

excellent drawing: good linework, nice angle, great details in the girl's face/eyes/expression and in her mouth, as she is about to eat that hamburger.

(also she has a great cleavage, and the colours used in this pic are all wild, vivid and psychedelic, but in a good way.)

if there is any strong image that made spencer's (strange yet good) movie even better and more noticeable, that element was definitely your perfect and sexy drawing that was the best avatar for his movie...

flawless and sexy work, keep it up!

GreenRachelJelly responds:

Aaaah thank you so much!! That means a ton! 💚

excellent linework, great shading effects, and vivid colours.
i like that this pokemon blushes due to its (perhaps) embarrassing costume?
ah well, its a great drawing, and very funny too.

keep up the good work, my friend!

nuclear-smash responds:

Thank you very much! And yea it's blushing due to the costume, haha

woah, a new clock?!

thats a really nicely drawn clock-character, with nice thick linework, a cool clock-eye/face expression, some nice rays going on in the background, and with some nice colours...

all in all, its a great CC character pic, and a nice beginning for you!
keep making cool art, my friend!

BattleBlockClock responds:

Oh BB10 you silly clock :P

this is such a beautiful drawing of all the (famous) clocktopians of this era, and i love it!
your characters are nicely drawn, with good clock-eye/face expressions, nice linework, good design, and with vivid colours!

i like how cheerful renegade looks in this drawing, while he flops his ''sides''/hands upwards in a cool clock-character-pose, i like the wave-like flowing shape of phantomcat, the cool+shiny design of golden clock, and the way redbook clock hugs BB10, its truly adorable!

UFO-clock is also nicely drawn as well, while sir-clock is detailed as always.
i like the fluid design of melloyello clock, and the (once again present) vivid colours.

all the other characters are cool and nicely drawn as well, with cool eye/face expressions...

all in all, this is an excellent work of art!
keep up the good work, and stay cool!

nice tribute to mista-meme's cool character, long-legs man!

the character is nicely drawn, with a nice walking gesture, while he is also drawn with good linework, and with interesting colours...

as for the sun, i like his face expression and his general design.
the background is nicely drawn as well...

all in all, its a cool drawing, and a nice tribute to a classic character.

MatelOl responds:

cool, thenks

to you request of not eating them, i shall reply with only one answer:


but joking aside, this is a really nice drawing of two ditto's as (fused?) ice-cream/jelly hybrids that are melting away on top of the ice-cream cones, while they are enjoying the cherries on top of their heads (or at least one of them does).

i like that the blue one has sprinkles on his body, while the other one (pink), has the desire to eat the cherry.
also, another good detail is that the cone's lines+hue matches with the colour of the ditto that stands on top of it: the blue ditto has a blue-ish ice-cream cone with blue lines+linework, while the pink one has a red-ish ice-cream cone with red lines+linework.

the ditto's face expressions and poses, along with their shading+lighting effects are superb, while the chess-like background is awesome as well, and it adds even more things to an already complete picture.

in short: its a great drawing of 2 ice-cream ditto's!
keep up the good work.

-who orders a salad in a fast food place?
-''a healthy man, thats who!'' *hmph*
(lol jk).

once again, we witness a great comic by renegade clock, full of humour, great drawings and nice angles.
excellent work.

apart from the obviously well-drawn +detailed characters (BB10, renegade, redbook), the comic has many awesome details, hidden in each pannel:
notably, i liked the drawings of slurpee clock in the menu of the fast-food place, the picture of hamburger clock as a character from the fast-food, another great detail is the ''Bc B's (which can be read as 'Mc B's, alternatively) on the trays of the food-joint, the cleverly named slurpee machine with the ''slurpee-butt'' flavour, etc etc.

as for the main characters, damn, that was a finely drawn BB10, shown with excellent details, a nice clock +a BB10 ball body, and i also liked that, in each different clock-eye/face expression, his clock changed a bit, depending on his ''face'' expression.

renegade was perfectly drawn as well, and obviously, his design is far more complex because he's a 5-radius/5-''legged'' star shape and you're always drawing your cool character with a great amount of detail, but also with the great effect of ''elasticity'', which means: ''of an object that stretches+moves in unique elastic/flexible ways'', despite it being from a solid material: in short, renegade's character displays awesome flexible/elastic abilities as he moves/makes a gesture, despite the fact that its a star character made from iron.

furthermore, the ''toss the salad'' pun was unknown to me, which was a funny event that culminated to this sweet idea, and it because a kick-ass comic!
im happy that i contributed to his ''happy accident'', man!

lastly, i liked how the story went on:
BB10 talks about tossing the salad, he seems oblivious about it, ren laughs alot about it (for good reason), and eventually BB10 reveals to him that he knows, which ends the joke instantly.
but the ending... the ending was genius! comedy gold!
i loved it, great ending.

all in all, you've created a detailed, nicely drawn comic, with awesome characters, good face expressions, many hidden details in each panel, and a great amount of humour in it.
excellent work as always, keep it up!

in short:
10/10, its a GREAT comic, keep up the good work!

well, hello, im chris the stick2, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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