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What is Zolutions TV? What is Zolutions TV?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

ah, once again, you've created a nicely animated and clever little movie, mr real-faction!
i liked the nicely drawn+designed main character of this new show:
he wears a nice shirt, a tie, dark pants and he sports a cool, yet broken monocle!
its a very nice and unique design, indeed!

apart from his cool appearance, he also has a nice british voice (good voice acting, sir! ;) ), and some cool punchlines to say.

the linework of the characters was good, their design was great (both mr monocle-guy, and the guy with the Z on his head), and the whole trailer preview for the main show definitely seems funny, nicely animated, clever and promising.

im interested!

furthermore, the character's face/eye expressions were great, and the animation's speed was perfect. not too fast, not too slow, with a nice pace, and a good, crystal-clear design+movement of the characters.

last but not least, mr monocle-guy's final punchline, ''good riddance, you splendid hooligans!'' was a very funny and memorable way to close every show, and im already listing it as a very positive thing for your new show.

all in all, this seems like a great+promising start for a new cool show by you, and i will definitelly support+share it!

keep up the good work!

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ZolutionsTV responds:

Thank you kindly! I didn't want him to have the typical top hat and monocle stereotype, but rather a bit of a twist on it. Eventually I'm hoping to find an animator/artist to help bring it out more and to have more fluid motion. Thank you for the support!

Emo Kid Emo Kid

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

an interesting project with random animation, good linework and a...

a... sudden ending?!

i guess all i can say is:
bring back oldskies.

Happy MAR10 Day! Happy MAR10 Day!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great super-mario tribute!

nice, smooth and fluid animation, good FPS, and excellent drawings of mario, of his hat (and the hat's eyes were also nicely drawn+animated as well), and it was filled with many good details, while the animation itself was flawless and very funny, despite it being quite short.

all in all, it was a nicely drawn+animated tribute to super-mario, despite its short length.
keep up the good work!

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Sex Kitten: School 2! Sex Kitten: School 2!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this game took a long time to be completed, but it was well worth the wait!

as an old fan of forkhead's ''sex kitten games'', i found that this game was excellent as always, while both its crazy quest, its craazy catgirl (named slutty mc slut), and its whole design+gameplay, was very cool and entertaining as all of the older ''sex kitten games'' were, if not even more!

in this game tho, we can see the many cool stats+extra details that make this a worthy sequel of the older game(s), it has a magic bar (except from the familiar HP bar), a quest log, a money counting machine, an inventory, your memory screen(where you have to remember the catgirl's phone number) the character's IQ number (which obviously helps in later quests, depending on its increase), a detailed map of the school and a mute/unmute button for the music's settings that we all know.

furthermore, all of the dialogue scenes with the characters are fresh, funny, and exciting, while there are many choices to do in the game, and you can take many different paths, depending on your quiz answers, on your stats (HP, IQ, magic), and on your items that you collect on your journey. the porn mags are an important item of the game (obviously), and you will have to sell them or use them wisely in other situations. also, since the game has many choices, it also has some different endings as well.
the game also has many inside jokes, cool anime references, and puns that make the dialogue with the characters very funny!

also, i liked both the easy AND the hard quizzes, especially the parts where you needed to know a foreign language in order to proceed: for example, if you spoke to the german officer lady in the staff room, you had to know some german in order to win that quest. i won that quest by translating some of her words! :D (also, the math quiz was easy, thankfully!)

all in all, this is a wonderful, large, and enjoyable journey, which is almost impossible to fit in a 6 mbs file, yet it manages to achieve that task. and in a flash format, no less!

indeed, yomuchan is a great storyteller, and a great game-maker.
i always liked his works, and this sequel of ''sex kitten school'', doesnt disappoint; its GREAT!

i loved this work, as all of F.H.'s+yomuchan's works, and i will play this game again soon.
keep up the great work, yomuchan!

FH Christmas Party 2017 FH Christmas Party 2017

Rated 5 / 5 stars

woah! what a way to celebrate 8 years of awesomeness, to celebrate christmas, and to wait a new, cool year with its new joys+challenges.

so, the forkheads team turns 8 years old, and they celebrate it with a GREAT flash game!

the visuals are amazing, i can see some great character designs: from anime-girls and guys, to strange robots, to cartoon characters, to animals, to chibis, to inanimate objects with eyes, to everything that your mind can think of: the forkheads have added it in their universe, and everything is drawn nicely by yomuchan.
also, the protagonists quest to find+talk with everyone that exists in the forkheads city+outskirts, so that they can come together for the christmas party and in order to spread the cheer around, this type of quest reminds me of the old, classic F.H. games, where you had to chat, fight and seduce your way through sexy catgirls, in order to become the final winner of the game!

this game definitely pays homage to its glorious past, and it features many (old and new) inside jokes+easter eggs in it, ranging from the ''F-in dino club'',(SPOILERS) to the message in the radio transmitter (SPOILERS), to the various clubs and shops of forktown, this game is full of wonders and surprises.

and if the good gameplay, or the nice story, or the many easter eggs werent enough, it also features many of the forkhead's most prominent members of this period: lime, n0thing, mehmicle, fluffy, arch-enemy, icarus, nekomika, joshex, and yomuchan himself, drawn perfectly as well, and many more cool people!
imagine, i've even found sir BB10 in there! cool! :D

and the humour is awesome too: i liked that yomuchan's original form in this game was shaped as a distorted smiley face with a stickman's body on it, which turned out to be an illusion, because he had his inter-dimensional shields turned on!
also, all the other cool characters of the F.H. universe share their wacky stories as well, and some of them even have their own unique puns and jokes to offer to the drunk player(you).

all in all, its a great tribute to the forkhead's existence, and it truly does them justice.
excellent work by yomuchan as always, and i always enjoy to play this games.
keep it up, man, merry christmas and a happy new year!!

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Fridge Wars! Fridge Wars!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

nice game, interesting story, decent layout(it could use more details on the background/on the enemies/a more nicely drawn menu screen), and a good gameplay, yet i would prefer it if the enemies didnt spam their milk-shots at me so much...
it was hard to beat them!
i had to (also) spam my shots at them as well, and it turned out as a hard match to win, since i lost with ~4200 points...

all in all though, it was good. the game was functional, the story was good, and the controls were nice, while the anime theme in it was cute...(even tho i could use some more explaining about the backstory of the game-characters...)

good work, keep it up!

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epic-hop epic-hop

Rated 5 / 5 stars

interesting robotic-hip hop song...

i would prefer something with more ''wild beats'', and with more drums/bass in it, but its still good, groovy, and cute, even if its a bit ''tame'' for my techno tastes...

really nice work, keep making cool stuff! :)

Hyperspace Hyperspace

Rated 5 / 5 stars

pretty cool song, it reminded me of a malfunctioning robot.
it had nice, wicked and insane vibes, and it was trippy, but in a good way.

quite groovy and well-balanced, nice track!
keep up the good work.

wtf i has outta was when this shit shat out your like 15??? wtf i has outta was when this shit shat out your like 15???

Rated 5 / 5 stars

short, but quite magnificent.


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Pirelot responds:


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Happy Valentines Day Happy Valentines Day

Rated 5 / 5 stars

really nice drawing of the pink knight, drawn with a nice leabing pose on the character, good linework, nice, vivid colours and cool, squishy characters around the knight (cats, penguins)...

excellent work, or dare i say... FABULOUS??!!1

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

great drawing of the ugandan knuckles meme, and both the colours, the linework and the shading/lighting effects are perfect on this little character.

in short:
U seem 2 know da way!11

10/10, perfect work, mate.

Powerpuff Girls Powerpuff Girls

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hahahaha! i remember this episode of powerpuff girls, so it makes your drawing even more recognizable+funny...
i LOVE this pic!

you've drawn the 3 criminals perfectly, and i like both the details on their PPG-costumes/masks and on their angry mouth expressions, on their gestures and on their poses.
redhead criminals angry face and skinny hands/body are nicely drawn like in the cartoon, while the blossom's mask has a large wave of (fake) hair, i like how they wave as the redhead ''blossom'' criminal moves around...
also the other muscular thugs are nicely drawn as well, and both their design+poses are accurate as well.

the linework is nice, the drawings are really accurate and true to the original cartoon, and everything's nicely executed, in a way that makes this pic very, very funny.
excellent work, man!

also, its worth mentioning that the silly jokes+the wild stories like this one are some of the reasons why many people watched the powerpuff girls show.
it was funny, wild, with many cool jokes, references and many crazy stories like this one with the criminals dressing up as the PPG's.

the old PPG cartoon was great, but sadly the new PPG ''cartoon'' is a broken, unfunny SJW-funded show, a show without any humour, art or creativity in it.
its not worth it to kill humour+creativity for the sake of some SJW's who dont even watch the show in the first place...
anyways, i digress, but thats my opinion and i wanted to share it here.

as for your art, its amazing, man!
keep up the great work, you are awesome.

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