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well, this was an awesome blast from the past!
this might be an oldie, but its a goodie!

in fact, the animation is swift, with a good pace and with some very good FBF progression in the whole movie, everything moves flawlessly, the characters have nice face/eye/clock expressions, and when they smile/talk, they also have nice lip-syncing and good motion in that as well, and its a hard thing to achieve properly...

apart from that, all the characters are nicely drawn, with good linework, nice details, and with excellent colouring...
also the shading+lighting effects are nice too, and i love how nicely drawn was both the villain of the film, (the huge dark dude that was chasing them), and the heroes as well (SBC, pop-tart, satellite and raspberry)...

as for the story itself, it might seem confusing to a person who is not initiated/introduced to the clockcrew's lore, but you've actually presented your piece so well, that it doesnt really need an explanation, and if it would be completed (one day?), it could get easily shaped into a more complete and coherent story by you, which wouldnt be a very hard task...

all in all, this was a beautiful piece of professional animation, and im always happy to see quality work from the artists of the clockcrew!

keep making cool art, toppy!
you're good!

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FoXcatO responds:

Heeyy! bb10!! I'm glad you're still around! How are things in the old Clock Crew? I would pop in on the forum but unfortunately, I forgot my password. So...

Anyway, thanks a bunch for writing such a wonderful review! It was a joy to read. As for completing the movie? I suppose I never gave that a thought. It's worth considering though. That's for sure!

this was a really nicely drawn, cleverly animated, funny movie!

so, when i see that the only high review ratings for this movie are by Monef and by me, i have to ask: WHAT THE HECK?!11
and: WHY?!

its beyond me why the reviewers would give this great movie such a low score, but what can i say?
sometimes strange things happen.

anyway, this movie was nicely organised, with nicely drawn characters, good linework, and a very fluid, fast and (almost) flawless animation in it, with a good pace, funny voice-acting+good sound effects, and some great humour: it was a really cool parody of the videogame ''the last guardian''.
(it also had a great pun in the movie's title... good one!)

so, all in all, it was a great v-game parody, based on a very popular title.
it did its job perfectly, and it entertainted us...
and thats all we need. :D

great movie, keep up the good work, man!

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thats an awesome birthday animation for kodiak's b-day...

i like how you've animated kodiak's bear-logo box for his body, along with the design of the calendar...
the background was also good, and the ending of the movie was enjoyable.

i want one movie like this for my birthday as well! (if its possible).
keep up the good work.

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MatelOl responds:

Yep. dont worry

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this game took a long time to be completed, but it was well worth the wait!

as an old fan of forkhead's ''sex kitten games'', i found that this game was excellent as always, while both its crazy quest, its craazy catgirl (named slutty mc slut), and its whole design+gameplay, was very cool and entertaining as all of the older ''sex kitten games'' were, if not even more!

in this game tho, we can see the many cool stats+extra details that make this a worthy sequel of the older game(s), it has a magic bar (except from the familiar HP bar), a quest log, a money counting machine, an inventory, your memory screen(where you have to remember the catgirl's phone number) the character's IQ number (which obviously helps in later quests, depending on its increase), a detailed map of the school and a mute/unmute button for the music's settings that we all know.

furthermore, all of the dialogue scenes with the characters are fresh, funny, and exciting, while there are many choices to do in the game, and you can take many different paths, depending on your quiz answers, on your stats (HP, IQ, magic), and on your items that you collect on your journey. the porn mags are an important item of the game (obviously), and you will have to sell them or use them wisely in other situations. also, since the game has many choices, it also has some different endings as well.
the game also has many inside jokes, cool anime references, and puns that make the dialogue with the characters very funny!

also, i liked both the easy AND the hard quizzes, especially the parts where you needed to know a foreign language in order to proceed: for example, if you spoke to the german officer lady in the staff room, you had to know some german in order to win that quest. i won that quest by translating some of her words! :D (also, the math quiz was easy, thankfully!)

all in all, this is a wonderful, large, and enjoyable journey, which is almost impossible to fit in a 6 mbs file, yet it manages to achieve that task. and in a flash format, no less!

indeed, yomuchan is a great storyteller, and a great game-maker.
i always liked his works, and this sequel of ''sex kitten school'', doesnt disappoint; its GREAT!

i loved this work, as all of F.H.'s+yomuchan's works, and i will play this game again soon.
keep up the great work, yomuchan!

woah! what a way to celebrate 8 years of awesomeness, to celebrate christmas, and to wait a new, cool year with its new joys+challenges.

so, the forkheads team turns 8 years old, and they celebrate it with a GREAT flash game!

the visuals are amazing, i can see some great character designs: from anime-girls and guys, to strange robots, to cartoon characters, to animals, to chibis, to inanimate objects with eyes, to everything that your mind can think of: the forkheads have added it in their universe, and everything is drawn nicely by yomuchan.
also, the protagonists quest to find+talk with everyone that exists in the forkheads city+outskirts, so that they can come together for the christmas party and in order to spread the cheer around, this type of quest reminds me of the old, classic F.H. games, where you had to chat, fight and seduce your way through sexy catgirls, in order to become the final winner of the game!

this game definitely pays homage to its glorious past, and it features many (old and new) inside jokes+easter eggs in it, ranging from the ''F-in dino club'',(SPOILERS) to the message in the radio transmitter (SPOILERS), to the various clubs and shops of forktown, this game is full of wonders and surprises.

and if the good gameplay, or the nice story, or the many easter eggs werent enough, it also features many of the forkhead's most prominent members of this period: lime, n0thing, mehmicle, fluffy, arch-enemy, icarus, nekomika, joshex, and yomuchan himself, drawn perfectly as well, and many more cool people!
imagine, i've even found sir BB10 in there! cool! :D

and the humour is awesome too: i liked that yomuchan's original form in this game was shaped as a distorted smiley face with a stickman's body on it, which turned out to be an illusion, because he had his inter-dimensional shields turned on!
also, all the other cool characters of the F.H. universe share their wacky stories as well, and some of them even have their own unique puns and jokes to offer to the drunk player(you).

all in all, its a great tribute to the forkhead's existence, and it truly does them justice.
excellent work by yomuchan as always, and i always enjoy to play this games.
keep it up, man, merry christmas and a happy new year!!

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nice game, interesting story, decent layout(it could use more details on the background/on the enemies/a more nicely drawn menu screen), and a good gameplay, yet i would prefer it if the enemies didnt spam their milk-shots at me so much...
it was hard to beat them!
i had to (also) spam my shots at them as well, and it turned out as a hard match to win, since i lost with ~4200 points...

all in all though, it was good. the game was functional, the story was good, and the controls were nice, while the anime theme in it was cute...(even tho i could use some more explaining about the backstory of the game-characters...)

good work, keep it up!

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interesting robotic-hip hop song...

i would prefer something with more ''wild beats'', and with more drums/bass in it, but its still good, groovy, and cute, even if its a bit ''tame'' for my techno tastes...

really nice work, keep making cool stuff! :)

pretty cool song, it reminded me of a malfunctioning robot.
it had nice, wicked and insane vibes, and it was trippy, but in a good way.

quite groovy and well-balanced, nice track!
keep up the good work.

short, but quite magnificent.


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Pirelot responds:


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to you request of not eating them, i shall reply with only one answer:


but joking aside, this is a really nice drawing of two ditto's as (fused?) ice-cream/jelly hybrids that are melting away on top of the ice-cream cones, while they are enjoying the cherries on top of their heads (or at least one of them does).

i like that the blue one has sprinkles on his body, while the other one (pink), has the desire to eat the cherry.
also, another good detail is that the cone's lines+hue matches with the colour of the ditto that stands on top of it: the blue ditto has a blue-ish ice-cream cone with blue lines+linework, while the pink one has a red-ish ice-cream cone with red lines+linework.

the ditto's face expressions and poses, along with their shading+lighting effects are superb, while the chess-like background is awesome as well, and it adds even more things to an already complete picture.

in short: its a great drawing of 2 ice-cream ditto's!
keep up the good work.

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-who orders a salad in a fast food place?
-''a healthy man, thats who!'' *hmph*
(lol jk).

once again, we witness a great comic by renegade clock, full of humour, great drawings and nice angles.
excellent work.

apart from the obviously well-drawn +detailed characters (BB10, renegade, redbook), the comic has many awesome details, hidden in each pannel:
notably, i liked the drawings of slurpee clock in the menu of the fast-food place, the picture of hamburger clock as a character from the fast-food, another great detail is the ''Bc B's (which can be read as 'Mc B's, alternatively) on the trays of the food-joint, the cleverly named slurpee machine with the ''slurpee-butt'' flavour, etc etc.

as for the main characters, damn, that was a finely drawn BB10, shown with excellent details, a nice clock +a BB10 ball body, and i also liked that, in each different clock-eye/face expression, his clock changed a bit, depending on his ''face'' expression.

renegade was perfectly drawn as well, and obviously, his design is far more complex because he's a 5-radius/5-''legged'' star shape and you're always drawing your cool character with a great amount of detail, but also with the great effect of ''elasticity'', which means: ''of an object that stretches+moves in unique elastic/flexible ways'', despite it being from a solid material: in short, renegade's character displays awesome flexible/elastic abilities as he moves/makes a gesture, despite the fact that its a star character made from iron.

furthermore, the ''toss the salad'' pun was unknown to me, which was a funny event that culminated to this sweet idea, and it because a kick-ass comic!
im happy that i contributed to his ''happy accident'', man!

lastly, i liked how the story went on:
BB10 talks about tossing the salad, he seems oblivious about it, ren laughs alot about it (for good reason), and eventually BB10 reveals to him that he knows, which ends the joke instantly.
but the ending... the ending was genius! comedy gold!
i loved it, great ending.

all in all, you've created a detailed, nicely drawn comic, with awesome characters, good face expressions, many hidden details in each panel, and a great amount of humour in it.
excellent work as always, keep it up!

in short:
10/10, its a GREAT comic, keep up the good work!

this is another great comic by renegade!

excellent linework, detailed backgrounds, great clock-eye/face expressions, good character designs, and an amazingly drawn yeti!

also, the scientist's group of pineapple, cherry and silver clock were very detailed as well, while their lab coats were also a ncie touch that added more to the comic's general setting+picture.

like i said above, the yeti is very nicely drawn: he is very detailed, with a cool face, a nicely drawn body, and the ice surrounding him is also very detailed as well...

as for flounderman-clock? he is drawn in a perfect way, from his dark-ball body, to his red spikes/fins, everything's great. same with his clock-eye/face expressions.

lastly, that pun was PERFECT. i've been laughing for a long time with this comic, man!
also the 2nd pun on the description page is great as well...

i guess i will have to add all of my researches about your comic to the team of Planetary Erudite Neological Identity Society.

in short:
10/10, great comic!
keep it up!

well, hello, im chris the stick2, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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