more news, and summer's comming!

2017-04-28 22:17:16 by chris-the-stick2

hello, my loyal  900 fans, 182 supporters and 7362 strangers that just came here by accident!

i have some epic stuff in store for the near future!

first of all, im making some good progress with my 2 big CC movies, and they be submitted soon, as for my  1 movie about a random subject... it will take some more time, but it will get done...

however im doing some good progress.

also im planning a new spring-summer-themed CC collab, it will be great, and it will break the rust from the CC's recent ''standby mode''...

(tho we are all busy with life/friends+work, so its completely understandable...)


anyways! we will do great stuff in this season! (again!)


in other news, the weather is... strange.

now its cold/chilly in the morning, and warm/heated in the noon/(early)evening.

spring is STILL in here, and its strange as always.


BTW:  also i am a VOICE-ACTOR, so plz request stuff from me.

i am free, cool and always happy to voice-act for movies.

also, be sure to check the epic movies of @RadioTubeClock , who makes amazing OTB movies, also look at the new movies/games of @YomToxic, and the game plans of mr @DroneLocker, which are quite interesting... so yes, many good artists in there..(all of them)

anyways people,

if you see my newspost, post in the comments below, and tell me what you're thinking/whats up/if you wish to collaborate with me for a flash collab(small/big), or to let me voice something, it will be cool. i also write ideas/stories for flash movies, so if you need someone to help you while you're brainstorming/on a need for new ideas, PM me/message me!

it will be fun.

so, thats all from me, have a nice day, and keep on making cool stuff! :)


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2017-04-30 17:38:42

Good to hear from ya, BB10!

chris-the-stick2 responds:

hello my friend!

whats up?

PM me anytime!