i voice act....again.

2012-10-06 23:24:07 by chris-the-stick2

am doing new projects and i will possibly do flash, i voice-act, and if i do, stuff, i''ll do movies, of SFHT.
the SHFT will be done soon. for diabeetus.

any ideasfor my future flash/suggestions?

and if anyone wants my voice-acting, plz ask away...

hey guys, i also do write scripts, so ask in for ideas./voices.

and yes, i do some voices, anbd could be great if you let me know.

i wanna take part in some movies with my voice'n stuff.

ps. hear my sample at my audio! you might like it!


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2012-10-07 01:52:51

The mic quality isn't really good. Too much background noise. I advise you get a better microphone.