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House of Spooks Intro House of Spooks Intro

Rated 5 / 5 stars

dear lord, this is an AMAZING 3-D animation!
i liked how cool all the 3 kids looked, the boy with the leathermask (dressed up as chainsaw guy?), the other boy dressed up as death, and the girl dressed up as a witch, (with her eyes moving quickly and in a creepy way behind that witch mask, pretty cool...), and then, the part where they knock on the haunted house's door, and they see the creepy old man, oh man, you designed him perfectly!
his face looked creepy, his eyes looked faded and glassy, but also filled with evil and cunning, while his face expression changed constantly from ''persuasive'' to ''evil'' to ''creepy'', and then into a strange combination of all the above.-

i also liked how the old man's ''treat'' was 3 scary stories, each given to one of the kids, a story with a creepy meaning, and a deeper moral to understand...

this sounds like the perfect start into a great halloween collab.
good job, sir!

you have mad skills, so please do more!

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FIDreams responds:

Thanks :) I put Allot into the old man, and I'm glad it showed. They just got finished with the first story, once I get the okay to post it, and again Thanks for the comment.

Happy Birthday VicariousE! Happy Birthday VicariousE!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

well, i know mr. VicariousE, (i met him in NG's pages recently) and he is an awesome guy, who likes his asterix...
so i know that he will enjoy this movie! :D

this was a magnificent and detailed tribute to one of the most legendary NG members, VicariousE, aka mr asterix, and this is a great animation that is honouring his name!
i loved the dancing/eating/punching gallois animations, and i was impressed by your great drawings of the drunk/dancing villagers, of the drunk roman legionnaires, the drawing of the egyptian dancing lady, or the drawing of ms agecanonix, (with the boobs visible, lol!), and in general the great use of your own drawings of many characters, combined with various asterix sprites, all of these formed a wonderful, majestic visual party, a truly great festival of music, animation, good drawings and clever use of jokes, all combined into a grand spectacle, honouring a good friend.

also: my favorite part(s) where the moment when the dancing wild-boar was partying, and then obelix spotted it, thus attacking it! it was funny.
and i LOVED all the moments with cacofonix, when he tried to rock-on, to set the epic mood for the party, it was really funny and awesome! :D

also, i noticed a few clocks, and BB10 was also there in the asterix party/feast!
thank you very much for the cameo!
it felt great!

overall, it was a great flash movie, and a good tribute to a good friend, and a great NG person.

you rock, yomuchan!
keep up the good work!

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Catfish and Sharktooth Run Catfish and Sharktooth Run

Rated 5 / 5 stars

well, its a very nice and fluid animation, with beautiful characters, (are they your characters, or characters from some toon?), and a nice walk/run cycle.
i just saved this from judgement.
it was a good call.

please do more flashes like this, and add some scenes/action next, maybe a preloader in it as well.

MrGoodmourning responds:

Thank you, yes these are my own characters who I hope to incorporate into longer projects.

And actually this is just the first scene from my final. Just wanted to test the waters with this first scene.

Hemskt Krig Hemskt Krig

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very impressive.
this starts out slowly, showing us a smoke inside a forest at first, and then it progresses into a wild battle, filled with hatred and mayhem.

this was an accurate and sad allegory about humanity's lust for violence/conquest.

we need to stop this.

i got many strong feelings, and deep emotions from watching this.
i felt sad for all the losses that happened in all those years, in all those wars, all for nothing.
all that happened just because someone got greedy.

so sad.

i also liked the flashbacks of the woman and of the baby, i felt despair when i saw her face expression, she moved and reacted as a very stressfull person, nice work!

as for the ending, it was magnificent.
two warriors from two different sides, one being a soldier and one being a native indian warrior, both wounded, decide to avenge their fallen, and to kill the man that they see in front of them, even tho they know that they both are already dead.

a very good allegory, and its nicely drawn+animated.
great, fast and fluid animation.
good drawings, good work!

do more sir! you have done a wonderful movie...
keep up the good work!

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William Konrad Try William Konrad Try

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

nice work, colourful drawings, very fast and fluid animation, and an impressive movie to show...
also, the way that you draw your characters, (with yellow, red and brown vivid colours and with strange, impressive faces), it reminds me slightly of paul gauguin's works. (paul gogen)

nice work!

the only problem is that the movie loops.
you could add a play-replay button, or a preloader.

other than that, it was good!
keep making cool stuff like this!

Social Media Dangers and Stuff Social Media Dangers and Stuff

Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice and informative movie about the dangers and the bad points of social networks.
you said many good stuff, and i liked the jokes, as well as the ''like my movie in facebook, or vote 5 in youtube/newgrounds, and review!''
it almost seemed as if you defeated the purpose of this vid, and it was funny.

nice work, please do more! :)

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nathanboss03 responds:

Thanks for positive feedback, I'll be sure to make more.

Yay PayDay 2... Yay PayDay 2...

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i just saved this movie from judgement.
it was a good call!

nice & fluid animation, good drawings, cool face expressions, and funny masks for the thieves, it overall was a nice and clever parody of the game ''heist'', so it was cool.
i liked the conversation between the happy thief and the big-breasted clerk.

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TOONZIES responds:


Jurassic World Parody Jurassic World Parody

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this was great!

the design and the general layout of the characters might seem simple at first, but we can see that its well-animated & nicely drawn. it is a movie with VERY fluid and fast animation and an awesome art style that is accompanied with AWESOME and accurate jokes!

in short: its an awesome and funny movie!

you did a great job, and i liked both the puberty jokes, and the story plot-holes jokes, and the ending, everything was hillarious, cool and funny!

i liked this alot, please do more movie parodies, you're good at this. 5/5

beethoven: the untold story beethoven: the untold story

Rated 5 / 5 stars

so, thats what happened...

a really nice animation, with beautiful drawings and good designs of both beethoven, and of his students, and the whole animation had a good pace, a nice music, and some awesome story with good jokes!
nice work, man!

do more!

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Sisyphus Sisyphus

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

nice game, cool character design, and a nice gameplay/deisgn overall, but there should also be an easier difficulty setting, because the game had TOO MANY traps crowded in once place, and even when i jumped fast enough and avoided most of the traps, i was eventuallu struck by the flying evil head-monster, that was running/chasing me too fast...

other than that, its good.
and yes, sisyphus is quite an interesting character in greek mythology...
he is a guy that cheated death many times, and as such, he has been punished by hades to push a rock into a high hill, and then the rock falls back in the ground, and he has to push the huge rock back at the top again...
a sad, but amazing story.

you drew the characters/traps/game over screen nicely. i like his face expression.

nice game, sir!

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CannedGoblin93 responds:

Thank you so much that's nicest comment I got :) I really appreciate it. I did tried fix the problems before I had to submit it to my lecturer, but I ran out of time :'( originally I tried to fix the ground spawned and the demonic animaltronic characters were going to have mystery power ups and the sword was going to be used to destroy the saws. I wish I had more programming knowledge and time. Thank again :) all problems will be fixed in my RPG game :D