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Cool Opossum Cool Opossum

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i like the constant motion that exists in the movie, its a sign that this is a fast-paced, and swift animation. ( a GOOD sign!)
also, i like how you drew the cool possum's face/body/style, he seemed very cool, and i liked that his eyes and his mouth were moving, to match his expressions+the voice-acting.
overall, the lip syncing was GOOD, and the whole animation was detailed, nicely animated, and nicely drawn, with a clever use of that specific voice-clip.
(with good lip-syncing too!).

very good short movie, you have skills bro, plz do more, and keep up the good work!

Frost-i-Rated responds:

Thank you. It's nice to hear such kind words. They're saying exactly the opposite at the other site.

[S6E1 Spoilers] A Brief Summary of Melisandre [S6E1 Spoilers] A Brief Summary of Melisandre

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very good animation, and cool drawings of the character.

i guess jon snow was lucky/clever enough to reject her!
good short movie.
and good voice-acting, it was fun!

Poekomn Sun and Moon Poekomn Sun and Moon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

excellent battle!

oh man, this was a cute and funny animation!

i loved it when the moon came out of the pokeball, and it was like: ''moon, moon, moon!'', saying its name in a pokemon-like manner, and when the sun came in the battle... crazy stuff happened! (crazy, funny ending!)

very good stuff, it was funny, with cute animation, OK drawings and good voice-acting.
keep up the good work!

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duffosaur responds:

thanks man

The Real You The Real You

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, that was a clever & funny movie, a movie that had a nicely drawn character, with good face expressions (especially his disgusted face expression, lol), and very good backgrounds, while it also had solid humour, and a great message to tell.

in fact, this movie jumped out, and placed a mirror in front of us: who we are? do we like what we see on our reflections? shall we change? or shall we stay the same?
and are our weaknesses worse than our qualities, or do we suffer from a lack of quality, and from an abundance of weaknesses?

only a sceptic eye can answer those questions fully, but for the time being, your movie provided us all with some beautiful food for thoughts, while its being wrapped up in good humour, as a delightful package of enlightment.

brb, im gonna watch some squid porn and i will complete this review later.
lol jk!

very good movie, it was both funny, clever and educational.
keep up the great work!

Hi I'm New to Newgrounds Hi I'm New to Newgrounds

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

welcome! but you seem too young to visit newgrounds.
perhaps you should enter this place in a couple years later(due to some ''adult'' movies, with adult/or violent humour, that is all).

anyways, welcome on NG, have fun, and enjoy your stay.
if you make flash movies/music/art/drawings, then it will be very cool.

Fountain of Youth Fountain of Youth

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

well, first of all, this was a very nicely animated movie, with good visuals, quick and nicely organised animation, cool face expressions/fast paced scenes, and a good layout/design overall.

however, i do find your story to be... stale, and without any good punchlines.
i mean, i get it; the protagonist is the pretentious guy who ''pretends to like old music'' in order to be a part of an ''older era'' and in order to belong in a state of ''musical elitism'' , and i've met some of those teenagers/kids that like ''old stuff'' and that they feel that ''they dont belong in this generation.''

however, unlike your views, this does happen.
there are people who feel better at listening music from other time periods, and not just because ''they want to fit it'' or to ''look cool''.

while there are morons who are pretentious when it comes to music, those people are a minority when it comes to music lovers, and the large majority of (young) people who like old music, is because its (alot) better than modern music.

ofcourse, im not saying that ALL of today's music is bad...
there are many good songs, and there are many good artists today, that create beautiful songs, and nice music.
but, if we compare them to the legends of older times, their shine fades a bit.

also, if we compare the good music/bad music ratio of today (an estimate of 30%/70%) and the good music/bad music of older times (esp. in the 60's, 70's, 80's), (an estimate of 85%/15%), then we can all see that things are bad, music-wise.

nowadays, we have the technology to record the sound in perfect quality, and to remix music in millions of ways, thus making the job of new musicians alot easier than it was in the past.
but (some) people in music today are people without talent, without inspiration, and without anything to move them forward, into new paths in music.

i like (almost) all music genres, and i can appreciate any good music track, no matter if its rap, pop, folk or country songs, i like good music, if its nice & well orchestrated.

so yes, good taste can exist on anyone, and as long as the music's good, its worth listening to/worth the praise.

however, your movie seems to be ''one-sided'', and aimed towards everyone who happens to like ''old music/old stuff''.
infact, you've transformed a pretentious teenager into a gerontophiliac, and you've depicted him going in such extremes as ''desiring old people'' (since he slept with the sick dude in order to get old), and you've depicted him ''wishing to become old'', which is simply insane.

ofcourse, exaggeration is sometimes a good element of comedy, but in your movie everything was one-sided, pointless and without any cathartic feeling of joy, not even with a piece of crazy shenanigans.... (unless we count the ''im dying of old age?'' ''no, you're dying of olf AIDs!'' , which was good for a chuckle, but it was a small victory after a boring & unfunny movie).

in your case, exaggeration didnt worked well, and some moments of the movie were strange.
i mean, why did those old guys in the concert beat him up?
was it because he ''tried to fit in''? was it because they felt insulted by this kid's pretentiousness?
and even then, was that necessary to be shown in such a way?
(heck, you could even show him talking to an old musician, and he could be saying ''but, my child, you werent born when those stuff happened!'' and then, the pretentious kid would be sad, but the viewers would learn a valuable lesson. you could even add a scene showing the kid learning from his mistakes, and to start liking music for what it is; beautiful sound. and he would become a person that would appreciate music not because of stupidity/pride, but because of personal taste.)

instead, your movie was a thing that felt empty and unfunny, and thats sad, because you have the talent to create good animations, since your drawings+your animation is excellent.

you have to improve your storytelling/your stories/to add humour in your movies. (instead of adding a ''shocking/vulgar'' display of goofiness disguised as ''humour''.

last but not least, you should NOT add your personal opinion about people who think that ''they belong in the wrong generation'', but you should be making a cool movie, with good jokes, a beginning, a middle and an ending, and with some moral to teach people when the movie ends.

i know you can do it, you have the artistic skills in visuals, so it will be (fairly) easy for you to add a good story in it next time.

oh, and filthy frank is a very good comedian, who exaggerates about situations in a politically incorrect way (which is so refreshing), and thus, he is proving a point.
in his ''im in the wrong generation'' video, he's saying that: ''WHO CARES? JUST LISTEN TO MUSIC, you MORONS!'', so yes, thats a good message:
''stop being pretentious, and just listen to music that you like.''
thats the best message that one can deliver in his movie, regarding this ''issue''.

and he uses exaggeration in a clever way, in order to help deliver his message across.

you shouldnt call him unfunny, until you manage to create something that's genuinely funny. and even then, you will be just rude if you do so.

also, judging by your author's comments, and by the constant use of the F-word, (such as in ''Enjoy I guess whatever F you''), i can assume that you are an ''internet-badass'', and/or a pretentious douchebag, which doesnt make you very different than the people that you are mocking in this movie. (even tho, i honestly hope to be wrong; in that case, i do apologise).

stop being rude, try to animate funny+stuff that you enjoy animating (with the constant presence of quality+humour(or good storytelling) ), and stop splitting hairs.
just have fun and create cool stuff.

all this ''musical elitism'' doesnt exist (at least to the extend that you make it look like), and your attempts to fight it are not funny.

focus elsewhere.
be cool.
thats all, if i tired you, im sorry, i just tried to provide some helpful feedback, that is all.

4,5 stars for the visuals, no stars for the complete lack of humour. (and due to the general unfunny-ness)

Flikkernicht responds:

I appreciate the thought and effort you put into writing this, the fact that something I created or was directly involved with is capable of eliciting reactions and interpretations such as this is cool as hell. You make very fair points but considering you think Filthy Frank's a "good comedian" I'd argue that this video wasn't made for you and regardless of how I wrote it you probably wouldn't find it funny. To each his own, I think Frank's stuff is obnoxiously masturbatory and unfunny while you feel the same about my work, and that's fine. For real though, appreciate the genuine feedback, means a lot to me that you motherfuckers give enough of a shit about my work to write this stuff out.

「最大の恐怖は自分の計り知れない力だ」(図書館にて) Independent Animation 「最大の恐怖は自分の計り知れない力だ」(図書館にて) Independent Animation

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

review in JPN/ENG:

-japanese version (im not good in japanese)





-english version

this was a very good movie, and i liked the 3-D animation in it, while the character was nicely designed and everything looked cool in it; HOWEVER, i couldn't understand what the character was saying!

i dont know japanese, so i had alot of trouble, trying to figure out what she was saying.

my advice, is to add english subtitles in your movie, in order to make it easier for people to understand.

that is all, thank you.

PS: forgive my badly written japanese text, arigato!

PleaseDiePie PleaseDiePie

Rated 5 / 5 stars

well, that was an accurate and truly clever parody of pewdiepie's silly works!
i liked all the jokes in your movie, such as his EXTREME screaming, his 243 channels on youtube (and still making even more channels as we speak now), and the fact that he is a silly, extremely unfunny dude that's making ''lets play'' vids.

also, the parts about pewdiepie being extremely annoying, screaming many times, and failing(?) to understand if a horror game is actually a horror game... (which is obvious in ''amnesia''s case..) were very funny. i also liked the part where you showed him screaming at hit (hot) girlfriend.
lol, the aftermath message about his GF was crazy but funny as well! (since he's always screaming at her over something, lol)

and the last statement in the end, oh man, that was a very good message.
people should indeed do more creative videos and more creative things on youtube, than just creating repetitive ''lets play'' videos.
sure, everyone should make ''lets play'' videos, and sure, some ''lets play'' videos are actually good & funny, but DUDE, when you are making 89248646 ''lets play'' videos without any single new element, and/or without any jokes, story or without an interesting meaning to keep creativity alive, then whats the point?
i mean, sure, pewdiepie has earned alot of money by creating the same, repetitive videos for 9834346 times again and again, but should we consider this as a sign of quality and creativity?
no, because its not. its very stale and unfunny. so, everyone should be a bit more creative with their movies/videos, and they should make art/podcasts/''lets plays'' that would be either amusing, rewarding, clever, informative, or at least, funny. (even tho humour is the hardest thing to achieve, to be honest).

anyways, your movie was EXCELLENT, and with sharp humour, speedosausage, so keep up the great work!
oh, and ignore pewdiepie's stupid fanboys.
they wouldnt know quality and humour if it hit them in the head.

keep creating good, clever and funny movies, speedosausage, you rock! :D

One Punch Man - Remake Latino One Punch Man - Remake Latino

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, this was a PERFECT collaborative animation, a truly impressive,detailed and funny tribute to ''one punch man'', and it was certainly a colourful, wild and awesome intro to behold!

all of the versions of ''one punch man'' were awesome, and i liked both his PPG version, his DBZ version, his stickman version, his super-mario-style version, his creepy version, his ''rule 63'' version, and i liked all the humour in it...
O.P.M. was punching super-mario villains, he punched PPG villains, he punched the modern-age emoji's (emoticons), he even punched the moon! (wow)
that man can certainly give a strong punch! :D

i am not familiar with O.P.M., but it certainly looks cool and impressive, if i can judge by your great tribute...
all in all, this was VERY impressive, with very nicely drawn characters, good face expressions, fast-paced, flawless animation, and a very funny story going on too.

great work, keep making art, and plz do more funny stuff like this, keep up the good work, everyone!
you rock, mates! 10/10

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Old Man Dante - Dante's Inferno Old Man Dante - Dante's Inferno

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very good movie, its both nicely drawn, (with good drawings of the characters and of their face expressions), and nicely animated, while the movie has alot of puns, jokes and clever gags, and the whole movie is pretty funny, despite its really dark, twisted humour.

the ending is... scary, but not entirely surprising.

good movie sir, good work.
i also liked how the nurse's smiley-face badge was changing expressions depending on the situation, i found that to be very very cool. :D

keep it up!