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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

cool movie about smash bros brawl....
i dont know about you, but smash bros is pretty balanced.
also those were some good swordfights.

ZabuJard responds:


Quotidian Quotidian

Rated 5 / 5 stars

an interesting game...

well, this was a good game, with nice pixel-graphics, good controls/good game-mechanisms and an interesting, lovecraftian story going on.

as for the day-to-day ritual, i liked how it progressed from:

day 1: normal day, everything happens as everyday human activities, drinking coffee, brushing your teeth, going to work, etc etc
day 2: not-so-normal day. things start to get wierd. since the water company cuts off your water, (and you cannot make coffee anymore), things start to get wierd. the atmosphere around the protagonist's neighborhood becomes cloudy and ominous, while the fact that he loses his job isnt helping much. (his boss is a jerk). furthermore, his neighboor jim dies, and reappears in front of his window, a living-dead, a zombie saluting an old neighbor. (close the curtains, QUICK!)
day 3: chaos and decay reign supreme. the lovecraftian nightmare has arrived, and at the protagonist's house, we see the tentacles of the octopus monster, through a hole in the wall.
everything is broken/old/neglected.
at least, the coffee machine (kinda) works, and the tap is still having liquid in it...
and the protagonist even has a new job. a much darker job...
but the ritual remains the same.

(also, i loved the new arcane, medieval tool that the protagonist was using in order to brush his teeth... (on day 3). what was it? it looked like a giant ritualistic knife/like a crossbow... nice details)


so, overall, its a great and atmospheric game, and given that it was created in just 48 hours, it increases its value.
you should definitely make a longer, more detailed sequel to this, with more ''rituals'', more actions, more dialogue choices, and more stuff in general.
perhaps you could make it be a ''choose your own adventure'' game, where each choice has its own consequences?
it would be awesome.
and it could span in a period of a week, instead of 3-4 days.

anyways, this game was awesome, so keep up the good work!

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Doo-Dah Doo-Dah

Rated 4 / 5 stars

it was short, but nicely drawn, and quite enjoyable.
i liked how the projectile flew and fell down accurately, as if there was gravity, so you drew this animation quite well.
was it FBF, or tweens?

the only ''bad'' thing was that it was too short.
perhaps you could add more scenes/stick deaths of the stick dude?
other than that, it was good, and nicely animated.
good work!

Donald Trump Tries to Broaden his Appeal With a set of Interchangeable Wigs Donald Trump Tries to Broaden his Appeal With a set of Interchangeable Wigs

Rated 5 / 5 stars

a really funny movie, both beautifully designed, nicely drawn, and animated in a cool way.
i liked the wigs of donald the most...
it was... wigtastic! :)

good work

JohnShafthauer12 responds:

Thank you very much! My son and I really enjoyed your Mario's GOAL video - he was playing Mario Maker as I put it on funnily enough, and is now wondering how he can achieve the same thing!

House Stark Revenge House Stark Revenge

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, this was a really clever and nicely drawn parody of ''game of thrones'', and plus, it used the clever word-play/pun of tony ''stark'', with the infamous ''stark'' family of the GoT series!
really amazing!

i have to say, it was a bloody and hillariously enjoyable battle-royale, between the iron-man tony stark and the lannister clan, as he was negotiating/and punching the living hell out of them...

all the battle scenes, the area jokes, the ''winter is coming'' joke, the ''incest'' and ''inbred'' jokes were cool.. while the whole anachronistic look of iron-man's armour into a more medieval/fantasy look(i love that you drew iron-man's armour to look like a medieval armour, full with greaves, gauntlets, cuirass, and a full face helmet!) was awesome!!

also, the fact that his ''energy rays'' were actually cleverly placed crossbows, was genius!
i also liked his mechanical wolf-pet/buddy. nice detail to have him, as jarvis)

overall, it was a very funny and nicely drawn/perfectly animated movie.
i would love to see more stuff like this.
you have great skills.

PS: i also loved how tony stark was making fun of john snow for ''failing'' at everything. lol
good movie!

Breakdancing Bear Breakdancing Bear

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, this might have been short, but its been nicely animated, well designed, and drawn in a beautiful way!
this was an epic breakdancing bear!

good animation, nice use of FBF animation(it was FBF, right? no tweens or something else....)
all in all, it was a nice animation, and you did a great work in this short movie.

Redraw Meme: Howl's Moving Castle/ I'm Yours Jason Mraz Redraw Meme: Howl's Moving Castle/ I'm Yours Jason Mraz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

once again, you did a nice and classy drawing of mr rat, dressed in the classic pinstripe suit, and smoking a cigar...
quite nice!

i like his pose, his relaxed face expression, and how he leans on his cane, while he is all cool and smooth.

i've gotta say, your recent (after) drawing of mr rat is better than the older, (before) drawing of him.
you have certainly improved since your earlier drawings. (the older drawings were still great and awesome, but the newest ones are EVEN better!).

good work sir, i liked it alot.
keep it up!

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PsychoticRat responds:

Thanks for the detailed review man! I'm glad you think I got better, it really means a lot! I'm gonna start looking into suit and tie designs more and see what else I can pull with it!

Flying Cat Face! Flying Cat Face!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

short, but nicely drawn.
i liked the girls face expression and the anime, glowing eyes...

Xiolee responds:

Thank you :]

BrokeAss Guide to WAR!: WW1 BrokeAss Guide to WAR!: WW1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

dear bread, i loved how awesome, nicely drawn, and hillarious this movie was!
i mean, seriously, everything was nicely drawn, from the soldiers, to their moustaches/weapons/outfit/the donkey man/the general/the trenches/the details of the war-plan/everything, and ALSO, i liked how the general was telling them perhaps the most dangerous and stupid plan for a suicide-mission, and while some got excited ''i trust you, general!'' , ''yay!'' , ''lets do this!'', ''i will use my trench-knife...'' , ''victory is ours!'', others, didnt trust the general's silly plan.
and eventually, the final scene, oh man, that was so sad, but also so funny!

i liked how everyone got disappointed by the final stupidity of the general's plan: ''the entire operation will be covered by artillery fire''. and everyone said: ''noo, not this!'' and the one happy dude said: ''yay!'' , i mean man, this was quite funny, despite the sad event.

also, the broke-@ss, aka the donkey who was covering this story, sure didnt play a big role in this story.
will he serve a better role in the next installments, or will he only serve as the series main mascot/signature character?

other than that, it was an awesome movie, and i would love to see more stuff like this!
keep it up!

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BrokeAssGuidetoLife responds:

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your comment. The Broke@ss is both the mascot and a character, he didn't do much in this one but he will definitely play a bigger role in other installments but it depends on the video. I have more planned and I hope you will continue watching.

Thanks again for taking the time to watch and comment!

Darkest Dungeon cartoon Darkest Dungeon cartoon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, this was a very nice and atmospheric medieval/fantasy battle movie, i liked how nicely drawn were all the characters, from the crusader/knight, to the gunman, to the mage, to the mace-dude who was crushing the undead's heads...
everyone's outfit, armour and face was nicely drawn, and with a detailed manner.
i liked it alot.

oh, and -SPOILERS-

also, i liked the part, when, after the torch of the gunman went out, they got suddenly surrounded by 1000 skeletons/undead warriors, and they eventually had to fight their way out, with many casualties.

i liked their appearance (before and) after the final battle, i found it cool that you drew the mage as a sado-masochist, with a ball-gag, that the gunman got shivers and he (most likely) ended up insane, and that the knight lost his sword in the heat of the battle, and had to rely on a skeleton's club in order to survive, and he was covered in blood.

it was the perfect ending to a legendary, bloody battle.

it was a perfectly planned and awesomely animated movie.
my only complaints is that it didnt had a preloader or a play/replay button, and that it was a bit short.
this movie needed more fights, and more action scenes.
other than that, it was awesome tho!

epic work, keep it up!