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Inspiration vs. Destruction Inspiration vs. Destruction

Rated 5 / 5 stars

good movie, nice animation, flawless pace, and some cool details in the stickmen's face expressions! (adding the emoticons for the stickmen's face expressions was a very clever idea, sir!)

i really liked that the ''creative, inspirational'' stick was creating art, and making good stuff, while the ''bad, negative'' stick was trying to stop him from creating art.

it was a nicely animated battle between creativity and destruction.
im happy that creativity won! :)

as for your meaning, i agree 100% with you.
noone should make you stop creating art. ignore the haters, be a good person, and be creative/create art.
its a good meaning, and very very true.

now, the only bad thing in your movie, was the lack of a preloader, and the fact that it looped.
also, it was short, but i guess that's not so bad...(especially if this movie was meant to be that short)

i would suggest you to add a preloader/a play-replay button, and to avoid making looping animations, because people often mistake loops for spam, and even if thats unfair, it happens.
plus, if you add a play/replay button (or a preloader), your movie will look alot more organised, and alot more professional.

you can find many free preloaders in here, and there are easy to use/to add in your movies...

also, i would like your next movie to be a bit longer, with more scenes, and with more jokes, if thats possible.

all in all, your movie was good, and i liked it alot. you make neat stuff.
keep up the good work!

BubbaBrix responds:

Wow, thanks :) Besides a couple positive responses from my buds, I haven't really gotten constructive criticism as nice as this before on my Flash animations. If you could let me know how to add a preloader, I'd be more than happy to do it. And yea, I forgot to add a stop-loop action in the scripts of the animation :P I know how to do it, I just didn't remember, which I will next time.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

a very beautiful, visually impressive and funny movie!

i really liked how lou (the guy with glasses?) looked so calm & puzzled by all this situation, even if everything was quite alarming...

also, the gallaxy-head girl looked awesome, was your drawing of her inspired by the album cover of eloy, ''ocean''? (just google ''eloy ocean'', and you will see the epic drawing of poseidon, having a gallaxy instead of a head! its amazing, and thats what your gallaxy-head girl reminded me of! :D cool)

also the alien chatty girl was cute & fast, and the flying robotic head that was ''the eater of worlds'', was quite funny, with a ncie design+some cool lines...
did he spitted jupiter, BTW? lol!

this was a wild+funny movie, about lost causes, strange creatures and life in the ''unwanted'' side of the heavenly dimensions...

good movie, clever ending, and it had a nice design/good animation/detailed characters,
so it was very professional and artistic.

great work, keep it up, and do more!

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UniversalHeat responds:

Thanks! This movie was a big experiment for me (in terms of both the animation style and the fact that I've never made a comedy until now) so I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I'd never heard of Eloy before now, but I'll be sure to check it out!

continuation of my last flash animation continuation of my last flash animation

Rated 5 / 5 stars

pretty cool, its a nicely drawn and fast-paced stick-animation, it reminds me of the old classics, such as the ''fight for life'' of david lancaster, or some of 'rob den bleyker's early works... also it had a cool SFDT/stickpage vibe in it, which is always good.

nice movie, colourful characters, swift animation, and cool fighting scenes.
good work!

make more stuff like this, and make more scenes/add more stuff in your next movies!
good movie, i liked it.

Undertale Animation (Pacifist) Undertale Animation (Pacifist)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this was a very nice animation/tribute to ''undertale''(and to pokemon as well!), and i liked it alot! :)
first of all, all the characters were drawn nicely, and in an accurate way, from their ''chibi'' forms, to their more normal-sized form...

secondly, i really liked how you've drawn sans/frisk/brock, it was very detailed+accurate/close to the real thing, and everything was smoothly animated, nicely designed, and funnny as well!

also, i loved the ''ketchup'' reference with sans, and the farting jokes in the end.
very cool movie, and quite funny too!

its a good movie: you make nice, fluid animations, so keep up the good work!!! 10/10

creatures of the deep creatures of the deep

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, this was an incredibly awesome+detailed movie, especially for someone's first (official) animation on NG! :O

well, first of all, i liked the duel between the heroic lobster and the evil green creature...
i also liked the fact that the ''green king'' was blackmailing lobsterman, because he kidnapped his little sister, and now the heroic lobster had to save her from the ''green king''!

so, as the story begins, we see mr lobster fighting with many foes: we see him avoiding the flaming ball, (or is it a flaming sun? how did he burned things underwater? and if its not a mini-sun, then what was this small, round ball of fire that was chasing the lobster?), we also see the lobster avoiding spikes, running away from destroyed bridges (underwater?!), grabbing a sword and killing monsters, all, in a quest to save his little sister, from the GREEN KING.... (omg lol)

i have to say, i liked how you designed/i liked how you've animated the whole progress of the lobster's trip, and it reminded me vaguely of some super-mario levels.

with that being said, despite the fact that it vaguely reminded me of super-mario in some parts,
i believe that you have designed the movie in your own style, and the actions/attacks of the lobster were unique, so it was quite original, nicely designed, and funny as well.

as for the ending, i liked the lobster's conversation VS the ''green king'' /VS his guards.
also, the lobster said the N word, oh boy! :/ (thats bad, but hey, at least the movie was nicely animated, with good drawings, and with good humour (until the N word showed up) so, yea!)

all in all, this was a GOOD and nicely designed/nicely animated movie, and i liked it...
so do more movies like this, and keep up the good work!

Avomayers responds:

lol thanks mn. this is my very first movie, it could have been better but i didnt have the nessasary tools to make it what it intended. but I always going to make more movies. so this will not be the last.. hopefully..

Blow you own trombone song Blow you own trombone song

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this was so great!

both the song and the animation were funny, and nicely executed, while your movie synced nicely with the catchy song!
i liked how each character's ''instrument action'' was in the darkness, and eventually it was revealed to be an ''innocent'' act!

very good animation, perfect face expressions, nice music, and excellent humour.
please do more stuff like this, keep up the great work!

PS: nice singing, it was very cool! good movie!

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PooCart responds:

Hi chris-the-stick2
Thanks so much much for the great review :) Really appreciate it! If you could share it with your friends on twitter/facebook etc. that would be awesome and would really help out. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy the other poocart videos :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, this was, (once again), an impressive grey-clock movie!
i liked how it started with patriot-clock's quest to get ''the bandana of absolute mediocrity'', which would make patriot-clock prettier, and i liked how patriot-clock dueled with sylvia plath, and how dark-tall-giraffe informed grey clock about patriot's quest.

also, the oprahnus joke was hillarious! good one! ;)

as for the effects after removing the bandana of satyrlepsy, it was quite scary.
thankfully, i still have my eyes! its fhjfjhgfhfje fegggf ffhhf fh hgg hghg!.....

i also liked the PC's talking with eachother on a satellite, and the ear's family part.
as for the ending, it was truly magnificent.
grey clock saved the universe, by folding it on its own self, and thus, restarting the whole cycle again.
man, those worms were groovy, you've made it look like a mosaic made out of worms! (also impressive! with a nice music choice)...

good movie, very nice animation, and clever use of humour.
keep making cool movies, grey!

Zink! Zink!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hmmm, pretty good stick-fighting animation! :D

indeed, that ''zink'' character looks cool, and he's pretty swift. zink rocks! (get it?!) :D
this movie has nice combat scenes, fast-paced, swift animation, and nicely drawn face expressions for the stickmen (in the opening act of the movie, before the menu appears).
also, you've added a nice menu, with good functions and nice features.

the only problem is that this movie was too short.
however, its a demo, so its OK for what it is.

i liked it, keep up the good work, and do more stuff like this!
(and make the actual movie a bit longer!)

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GridAnims responds:

ok thanks,next anim i upload will be longer and better!

Storkz Inc - Baby Delivery For The Modern World Storkz Inc - Baby Delivery For The Modern World

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this was sooo funny!

nicely drawn, and nicely animated, it was a cool movie, with a cute stork creature, and its mission to bring babies in da world! XD

the ending was truly hillarious, and amazing.
i liked it alot.

good drawings, fluid animation, cool humour: a solid movie. keep up the good work! 10/10

ASaltySquare responds:

Many thank for such nice words :)

A Midnight Drink A Midnight Drink

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hehehe, this was a funny, nicely drawn, and well-animated little movie!
i liked how the stickman's nostrils were flaring, and how he was walking like a ''zombie'', since he was still sleepy and tired, and i also liked his ''wavy arms'' movement, as he was trying to reach for the glass of water, in order to drink some H2O...

and then... when he talked with the SJW glass, his reaction in the end was priceless! XD
im also sick and tired of those SJW's that pop-up everywhere, and scream about the stupidest of all reasons.... :P (''videogame injustice''?! ''triggered''?! )
here's my message to SJW's:
do you want to ''save women''? go in middle east, and fight for their rights!
pffft, SJW's are just whiny crybabies, really.

but anyhow, your movie was good, clever, and nicely animated!
good work!
plz do more! keep it up!

ASaltySquare responds:

I did do more... in the same day :p Had a bit of a backlog i never bothered to put up.