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Apple and Orange Apple and Orange

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hey, nice movie!
good visuals, nice use of classic clock designs, good animation speed, a funny story, and a cool twist!
all in all, this was a great movie, and i really enjoyed it!

my only suggestion would be to use subtitles in your films, (if you want), because orange's voice was a bit low in the volume, so i couldnt hear his voice well...

other than that, great work!
keep making epic CC movies!
you rock

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MatelOl responds:

Thanks dude! And well the truth i don't know how to made a button to show the subtitles.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

good game, with a funny story, cute, nicely drawn characters, with a nice gameplay... and the music is also cool as well...
i liked that the ducks were switching+alternating between eachother during the game (in order to pass the levels), and i also liked that each duck had its own unique skills...
good work, cool idea!
you're good.

Feed Me and Get Out Feed Me and Get Out

Rated 5 / 5 stars

interesting game with a very challenging gameplay, good graphics, awesome music, a funny narrative and a whole combination of other cool things...
keep up the good work!

Agent Kill in dhe hood! Agent Kill in dhe hood!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

good movie: it had an (almost) immortal, interesting protagonist, it justified his resistance to bullets thanks to the ''armour'' counter next to his health bar, then it had MANY scenes of good, solid action, good animation speed, nice FBF sequences, and flawless battle choreography.
plus, both the characters, the guns,, AND the backgrounds were all nicely drawn, with good details, and everything was nicely combined, into one cool, action-filled animation.
good movie, nice animation skills...

this was a quality stick-movie.
keep it up, and make more cool stuff like this!

Xefcoolerz responds:

LOL thanks "sticky" if you know what i mean! haha!

its jamba clock its jamba clock

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, this was an awesome intro sequence!
nice animation of the letters forming the introduction, and i liked how it all evolved from a tornado of words+letters, into the proper salutation of ''hello, its jamba-clock!'' !!!
good work, and a really cool animation to behold.

next time, add a short animation showing your character, jamba-clock, going on a short adventure, or introducing himself to the other clock-members.

all in all, it was good.
keep it up!

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Tobey Maguire Tobey Maguire

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great work as always, mr sexual lobster!

really nice drawings of tobey maguire's face/expressions/general appearance, and the protagonist was weird, yet interesting to observe.
his dream+the consequent actions in the movie were really funny, random and strange, but i liked it that all those random suggestions created a large poem that rhymed, and it focused on tobey's love for leftover cream, while the protagonist struggled with his feelings of friendship/love(?) for the elusive tobey-the-cream-eater creature...
good work, it was random, awkward, cool and funny.

keep it up!

(+18) Kindred meet xayah and rakan (english subtitles) (+18) Kindred meet xayah and rakan (english subtitles)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i haven't said this thing many times, but...
this was one of the best smut/hentai movies that i've ever seen!
your movie had the RARE combination of sex scenes/sexy girls, AND a nice+funny story in it,
a story with a good plot, with many punchlines, while it also had some really funny face expressions, and some really really cool puns to observe...

all in all, it was a great movie!
good humour, a well-organised, funny story, many good jokes, many puns, and some really funny face expressions, along with the (always welcome+expected)sexy scenes of hot girl's!
the narrator's presence in the end was both surprising AND funny...
it closed the movie with a cool note.
as for the credits+the extra scenes, they were good!

all in all, a great movie, a movie that surpassed the (very well known) sexy barrier, and added alot more than what would be expected from such a movie...
it wasn't just sexy... was also entertaining!

BTW, thank you for using english subtitles as well, this helped me alot!
good work, keep it up, you're awesome!

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Mother's Day - 3D Animation Mother's Day - 3D Animation

Rated 5 / 5 stars

excellent 3-D animation: it had good face expressions, nice walking/moving sequences of the characters, nicely-designed features on the characters, good use of the voice-acting, and a really touching, emotional story.
i liked it alot, and i found it to be cute.
happy mothers day!
and keep making cool movies.

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Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mom... DJ Khaled Remix Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mom... DJ Khaled Remix

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hehehe... clever use of DJ khaled's joke on his wife, with the (now)classic family guy scene of stevie annoying his mom in the same way.

good use of the snap-vid soundfile, and good editing on the (already existing) family guy scene+characters.
did you draw DJ khaled's face on your own?
if yes, congrats! its a good drawing of his face.
if not, its OK... your movie is still good, and i will assume that this was a sprite design of his face.
either way, your movie was funny, and it delivered a good pun.

good work.

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PointBlankAnimations responds:

Thank you for your review! And to answer your question, we did draw DJ Khaled's face.

wolf and hunter wolf and hunter

Rated 5 / 5 stars

what a nice movie!

it had some really nicely drawn characters, such as the protagonists, (the hunter and the wolf), but also a nicely drawn beaver in it as well! good job!
and apart from having nicely drawn characters, their moving/walking animations were nicely animated, while their face expressions+sound effects were nicely drawn+used, so the movie was perfect in the art department.
i have to say, the moment where the wolf took a beaver and used him as a chainsaw(in order to cut the tree), was a scene of pure comedic genius. really nice scene, and nicely animated as well!

all in all, everything in this movie was good, with nicely drawn characters(in a cartoonish way, which is good...), nicely animated scenes, nice use of sound effects, good humour, and clever ideas!

my only suggestion for you, would be to add a preloader, or a play/replay button in your movie, because a looping movie isnt always seen in a positive way in here.
other than that, it was a great movie!

keep it up, you're good!