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Sexy Lady Sexy Lady

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow! amazing visuals (both the shy, nerdy guy, and the sexy-sexy lady!), good details, nice animation of them walking/talking, with cool face expressions, like the sexy lady's tired look on her face, and the guy's excited look when he was talking to her...

overall, a great animation that shows insane skills.

also good backgrounds and a nice car design. did you do all these 3-D works with poser/photoshop, or with DAZ?
cool work nonetheless. keep it up and do more!

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pit80 responds:

Thanks for comment, well is it not a poser, and not daz. I'm not use that kind programs. As for me, daz and poser for beginners. (Students, kids). Who take just already finished models, and pose them. We work only in 3D's Max.
P.s. For this kind cartoon i can imagine programs like: Blender, Maya, 4D Cinema, e.t.c For sure never ever imagine about Poser or Daz.
By the way... Thanks for comment :)

Empty Room Escape Empty Room Escape

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this game is very interesting and clever, but i think a walkthrough would be very usefull, or at least a few hints.
i got the ''SOS'' riddle, and so i managed to open the toolbox, and i used the pencil on the paper to get some more hints, but im stuck with the horse-chess-box inside the toolbox, and i dont know how to open the wooden board in the floor.

overall an awesome game, that makes you think.
good work!

Newgrounds vs Deviantart Newgrounds vs Deviantart

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hahahaha, it was very funny, cool, well-animated and spot-on, in some parts!
i liked the categories in deviantart guy's attack list. (poetry/pony/furry/weaboo)
and i also liked NG guy's face expressions during the ''attacks''.
pretty cool animation, it had the element of the pokemon fights, and it was enjoyable.
same thing goes to the NG classics that were used as NG attacks, like the ''c*ck joke'', the angry face, and many many more.

good movie, do more, mate!

Milkman gets f*cked Milkman gets f*cked

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

oh my, the start was hilalrious, with the milkman stretching his head into insane length's, the next part with his wife and kid was horrifying, but the part with the prostitute was hillarious!
i liked the visual metaphor of the ''shove your c*ck into my p*ssy'', and he actually took a rooster and shoved him into a cat! hahahahahaha!
also the sex scenes and the milkman's expressions were priceless.

i gotta ask: if you did this on garry's mod, how did you recorded the whole thing?
what program did you used?
also, what body/mech did you used for the prostistutes? as far as i know, they dont have those in garry's mod.

all in all, it was a disturbing at parts, and funny in other parts movie.
i like your spirit.

do more

Not So Classic Car Chase Not So Classic Car Chase

Rated 4 / 5 stars

wow, very nice work for a stop-motion animation.
i liked the effect of the power-ups/attacks with the use of clay, as well as the explosions which were also cool, and clay-tastic!

did you used a special software to record this thing/to make it frame by frame?
how did you do it?

it was pretty cool tho, and i enjoyed this movie.
it was good.

Gorilla Boss Gorilla Boss

Rated 5 / 5 stars

pretty good! i liekd both the design of the gorilla, his face expressions, the lip-syncing, and the whole story/punchline.

very nice! seems promising!

maulsmash responds:

Thank you, much appreciated

My Message to you! My Message to you!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

a pretty risky, and ambitious animation project, but a good and honest project at that!
i like your spirit, and if i can tell by this trailer, you will do a good job at reviving the knox-korner series of claymen.

my advice tho:

1. in your next claymations/knox movies, add less talking/intros, and more claymation action in them.
this episode/teaser/trailer had a lot of talking/words and some people below disliked it.
ofcourse, the trailer/intro MUST have many words that explain why you started this project, and i particularly liked your intro, however, some people in here have a very short attention span, and a bad mood, so yeah, in your next episodes add more claymation action, and less words/intros.

2. if you are going to revive the knox's claymation series, better add a few things that are yours.
add a few characters that you created, along with a storyline that will be yours, original and fresh, and combine your characters with knox's characters, for example lets say, create a character named william bigelow, and lets say that william is a hypochondriac and he pays a visit at (knoxs) Dr. bob!
see? this could be a nice lil story for you to develop.
all i want to say is:
revive the knox series, show some of knox's key characters, but also add many of your own characters/create new characters/add new stories and stuff, so that you can leave your mark in NG's claymations!

trust me, do those things and you will become alot better!
here's to more, new, epic claymations!

Star wars Twerk Star wars Twerk

Rated 5 / 5 stars

woah, this was so well-done!
i liked how you created all those alien creatures so well, with just clay, and i also liked how you did han solo, and the part with the twilek's dancing with their booty-twerk...hahaha!

you have skills bro, so keep up the good work! ;)

Pinwheels & Balloons Pinwheels & Balloons

Rated 4 / 5 stars

can i tell you the truth?

...i liked it. for a very strange reason, i liked it!

the fast-forward voice combined with the ''floating'' words of pinwheel+balloons, made this lil movie so funny, that i was laughing almost all the time during this song.

pretty cool!

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twbmagic responds:

Thanks haha I honestly didn't think people would actually enjoy this as much as they have. I'm glad to see some people have my same sense of humor :)

Zombie Fart Zombie Fart

Rated 5 / 5 stars

a wonderful humorous short!
i loved how you have drawn/animated the zombies faces/expressions, and their movement, and the ending result was outright hillarious!

i loved it.
if you do more movies like this, filled with humour and funny moments, you will earn a true and loyal fan.

keep up the good work!!!!

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IceWorm responds:

thanks for your kind words, sir.