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Smoke Spider Problems Smoke Spider Problems

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hey, thats one awesome short flash movie!
i liked it: it had nice, fluid animation, good linework, nice drawings of the characters (the child, the smoke-spider), good face expressions, and a really nice animation speed+pace...
also, the story was nice, and funny, with a great ending...
all in all, this was awesome, funny, and nicely animated.

keep up the good work, and do more stuff like this!

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X-men 3 in a nutshell X-men 3 in a nutshell

Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice movie, i liked the humour, and the fast-paced summarisation of the whole movie...
along with the clever commentary+the jokes between scenes...

good work, keep it up, its cool!
you should do more stuff like this.

duffosaur responds:

thanks and i will make another

We Become What We Behold We Become What We Behold

Rated 5 / 5 stars

a very interesting allegory on how social(?) media, and how media in general shape the thoughts and opinions of people, towards a specific direction, mostly pointed out on rivarly, on hatred, and on racism, while any attempts of peace, kindness and common sense are ignored by the media as being ''too quiet'', or ''too boring'', which just shows us how perverted and sadistic the media truly are...
you've posted a STRONG message in here, and while for some it might look like a cute game with a few funny/violent/cool moments, in reality, its a clever commentary about how the media+popular devices are shaping people's opinions, in other directions, mostly for the worse.

very good work, my friend!
you are a GOOD artist, and a clever person.

imho, i would add NG medals for the game, because thats funny, and it would be interesting to see what each medal says (according to the player's actions).
you see, in my first playthrough, i stalled/slowed down the inevitable path of violence by taking photos of the peaceful protesters/of the redeemed crazy square guy...

also, that tophat guy was certainly evil. what a nasty guy! >: (

anyways, good game, clever message...
keep making cool stuff like this!
you are good.

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Marshmallow'n'Orange Marshmallow'n'Orange

Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice remake/tribute to krinkels ''marshmallow madness''...
cool animation, and strange, funny characters.

good work, do more stuff like this, and keep animating...
(just make your next movie with a (slightly) more original story...)

Sandwich Man Sandwich Man

Rated 5 / 5 stars

intereresting story, and an even more interesting character.
ham the sandwitch and BBQBEEFBURGERMAN would be proud with your work...
pretty funny.

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onesketchyguy responds:

I can only hope to make BBQBEEFBURGERMAN proud...Thank you sir.

Hatchet Harry Hatchet Harry

Rated 5 / 5 stars

good game, with nice drawings of the characters, cool action, nice sound effects, and it was inspired by guy richie's awesome movie ''lock, stock and two smoking barrels''.
what more should i ask for?

also LOL @the dildo weapon, that was so crazy and random, i found it to be very funny...
good game, and its incredible that you created/tested/completed this in just 48 hours...
congrats! bravo my good sir!

i liked the upgrades+the rage perks...
nice work.

For Harambe For Harambe

Rated 5 / 5 stars

ah, this was an interesting, cool, and sexy game!
i liked it alot!
first of all, those were some nice drawings (hand-drawn characters, pencil-drawn characters, with good face expressions, cool design, nice colouring, and ofcourse, the police lady was SEXY!
perfect cleavage, sir! bravo!)
i also liked how each choice in the dialogue, resulted in a different viewpoint/philosophy...
and i liked how each ending represented one of the many views regarding the death of harambe, and ofcourse about the deeper meaning behind a crazy internet meme...

its certain that harambe's death was sad, but we should always protect the children over the wild, dangerous animals...
(now, you might say that those people should've never left their child near a gorilla, and you would be 100% correct, but i guess, when a rabid/raging animal is ready to attack/to devour a poor kid, we must always protect the child...)

and i also loved the face expressions of the characters, as i also enjoyed how the lady-cop unmasked the man's true motives behind his ''crusade'' : he didnt killed those swans ''for harambe''... he did it because he wanted an excuse in order to kill all those swans...

the swan-killer should've known, that one noble cause (or the excuse of a noble cause) doesnt justify equally violent actions..
i mean, he killed innocent animals, with the excuse of an innocent animal being murdered...
quite ironic, and hypocritical on his behalf...
am i right? hehehe!

anyway, this was a great game, i liked all of the choices, it was funny, clever and nicely organised, with beautiful drawings, good face expressions, good voice-acting, and with a funny/interesting story, that makes people think...

last but not least, i played all of the endings of the game, and i got the secret code, all by myself...
you should be proud of me! :D

good game, keep it up, and make more stuff like this... it was awesome!

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On the run On the run

Rated 5 / 5 stars

good movie, with good drawings, smooth animation, and nice speed...
its a cool stickman adventure film, and its very cool, especially for your first flash....

you are a promising flash artist, keep up the good work!

Me Vs Red Stick Man Me Vs Red Stick Man

Rated 4 / 5 stars

short, but sweet.

say, what FPS (frames-per-second) speed did you used for this?
and how did you managed to combine flash with video recordings?
i would love to make a strange movie in that format...

good work! it was funny, and nicely done...

How man discovered milk How man discovered milk

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hahahaha! its a shortie, but a goodie!
nice lil movie, with good animation, (OK-ish)nice drawings, and with some very good humour...
very cool movie, you should make more stuff like this!!

sweet stuff, sir...

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onesketchyguy responds:

Thank you very much! I work on these alone, so it feels good to know people enjoy it, if you can't wait for tomorrow, you can check out all of my toons on

(careful, I put up allot of garbage too)