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Window XP beta0.1 Window XP beta0.1

Rated 5 / 5 stars 4 days ago

good joking mini game about windows XP.
tho windows XP was good....
now windows millenium was a horrible program.

anyways, good 'lil game, i liked this

LTHS1222 responds:


What About a Man? What About a Man?

Rated 5 / 5 stars 6 days ago

well, this started out normally, and then it became wacky and random!
i simply loved it!
nice debates and opinions, and nice alterations on each guy's story. (including the dogs alterations, his were the funniest of them all....)
i felt bad about the doggy, everyone hated his opinion/ideas, but eventually the old chinese man appreciated his odd ideas...or DID HE?!

i also loved all the face expressions, and the fluid animation.
this was done in FBF, right? and on 30 FPS.... or not?

great work, very well done, and wonderfully presented, one of my fave movies recently.
and the dogs face when he was poked, was so funny....
great work, do more like this....

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One World One World

Rated 5 / 5 stars 7 days ago

good game, many people say you cannot see the changes in the planet, but after a few(?) clicks, the air starts to get cleaner, less fog, the land starts to appear from the surface of the water, continents appear, if you click too much on plants, the whole land becomes green, and if you over-click teh ''humans'', some parts of the green land become brown (cities, or human settlements!), and after you create a few prophets, its easy to build the temples, and after the 3rd temple, you begin to see big triangular buildings to pop-out of the landscape, and they form wierd flashing structures.
so far, i've got the planet in a balance with LOTS of animals, LOTS of humans, 10 prophets, and 5 temples. also ALOT of oxygen, and many, INFINITE plants. (many more than humans, and animals, to balance it out.), so my planet is green, ok and happy. and i produce some good 1.7m spirit every time.

this game also had funny jokes for every action you took, so this was also a plus.
i would like more interaction with the planet, like the creation of cities and armies/buildings/building pyramids/situations/ and some evets going on, and/or unlocking special stuff, but it was ok.
it got boring after a while, but it was a good game.
you are clever and funny, do more!

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I am Sonic I am Sonic

Rated 5 / 5 stars 7 days ago

LOL! what a wonderful sonic parody!
i just loved how this huge cat-thing/walrus/bear dude was posing like sonic, and when tails confronted him, he was all like ''yes i am'' and when something cool happened afterwards, tails said ''sonic.'' and he replied to as ''yes?'' hahahahahaha!

glorious parody of sonic, and finally a movie that is a feeling of fresh air amongst the same sonic-themed movies.
your movie is new, original, and funny.
PLEASE do more. you are good.
also the subtitles was a great touch. plz keep it up.
good work! 5/5

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Monster loop Monster loop

Rated 5 / 5 stars 9 days ago

very nice animation and a wonderful loop!
this monster seems quite cool, complicated in design, and very very relaxed! (as it seems).
are his limps hovering? so odd.

and he has many eyes. cool.

you should add maybe his backstory and how he was created/how did he became a monster if he wasnt all the time, and include it in a next movie... it could be fun.
good work, you have skillz.

Death Loves Metallica! Death Loves Metallica!

Rated 5 / 5 stars 9 days ago

a quite funny situation, in which grim loves playing metallica music!
i liked the lip-syncing, (if possible) and the face(?) expressions.
good work sir!

it was funny. (BTW, the song was this?) 5/5

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Sambones89 responds:

Yeah I am new to flash and needed to get a feel for it, this just kinda came out of it after playing around.. I am glad you like it. :D

Zero Sanctum - EP.1 Zero Sanctum - EP.1

Rated 5 / 5 stars 9 days ago

wow, this was....impressive.
wonderful 3-d animation, amazing storyline, and some epic action, all combined into a masterfull new sci-fi film, aimed at a robotic explorer who wants to see what has happened to earth after all those years.

now! some questions: (SPOILERS WARNING)
-if lucy grim was a reporter, did she found the broken vial with the virus, or did she created/tested it on subjects and on herself? i thought i heard her saying that it also transformed her, as well.

-WHO is eli almond? (the man's name who's behind the infection, according to lucy grims message)
and if he created the virus, why did he do it?
what happened to him, and what happened to the healthy remaining humans, and to the iinfected humans as well?
and if zero-31 said ''search the name ''eli almond'' and the sparrowhawk said ''the signal gets stronger inside the sanctum (the sphere)'' , then why didnt zero-31 enter the building?
he should enter the building at this point, but he never did.
why is that?

also, what has happened to mankind after all that?

this story seems very good, and i loved all the fight scenes with zero-31 VS the various animals of the planet, while i also loved how he started the briefing of his mission (the animation of the briefing was simply SUPERB, and AMAZING.good stuff)

the part where he asked from sparrowhawk to locate the enemy movement and he was trying to detect/fight the monster animal was perhaps the part with the most suspence in the movie.
his voice was broken, and anxious as he was calling for more help in the motion detection.
excellent work from the voice actor.

it was a good and emotional movie, but i think this needs a sequel, if anything.
i mean at least zero-31 should try and find out what has happened after all that, and who is that ''eli almond'' the message was talking about.

great movie, you have alot of talent,a nd great skills, you should do this professionally if you dont do so already.
excellent work, do more.

Episode 12 Plot of Witnee Episode 12 Plot of Witnee

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars 9 days ago

so, the main hero of this, is knight rowlomon jr.?
cool! he got the huge blue sword and started exploring around, right?

this seems good, did you make the 3-d characters on your own, or with garry's mode?
either way, the story seems promising, but some parts were going on slowly.
the idea is good tho, so i would only say that you could animate soem parts in flash, or add more action-fighting scenes.

it was OK.

stewardhklarlover responds:

Ah, noble Chris. Correcto, Knight Rowlomon Jr. is the main hero. However, ne'er forget that Klellvorq is the main event. You're absolutely right, he got the White Sword of Eternity and started exploring around. These scenes are from an 8 year old computer game I made a long time ago. Trust me, my wonderful friend, you will vote this entire storyline as your favorite storyline of all time. We've barely scratched the surface. This storyline goes all the way past 2050. Thank you for your excellent vote, noble Chris!

Blax and Jack Al Capone Blax and Jack Al Capone

Rated 5 / 5 stars 11 days ago

pretty cool movie!
very smooth (no pun), with fast motion and excellent transitions....also a neat story and a great song, followed by wonderful dancing!
i agree with you, a michael jackson video cant be a video if there is no dancing. man, you imitated some dancing moves very well!
and the characters were cool and quite lovable!

jack was cool and awesome with his magic(?) powers, and despite the fact that he was effeminate, he was pretty cool, and managed to save blax!

also blax was quite small at size when jack foudn her in the cell, but then she got huge! (i found it cool), and she sure defended jack from difficult battles.
i wanna add that i loved the scenes where jack was cool, and smiling, and behind his back the bad guys were about to punch/attack him, and then he got scared, and he always got away by dancing them into defeat!

also i loved it when blax and jack smiled to the viewer when they got to the ''bosses'' office. pretty funny, and clever! also the final scene of this movie was pretty cool, i loved it alot.

great music video, great dancing, sweet and fast animation, flawless work.
excellent! do more please, you have skills!

Answer Your Door in Rust Answer Your Door in Rust

Rated 5 / 5 stars 12 days ago

despite it being short, it was funny, and well-animated. very smooth.
nice work, and even though i dont know this game, 'rust', i liked it.
do more, you are good sir.