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WitchToons WitchToons

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very cute, very cool, and despite the occasional spooky-ness, very funny movie!
this was very well-done, and i would love to see more of this.

keep up the good work!

A VeggieClock Halloween A VeggieClock Halloween

Rated 5 / 5 stars

amazing works, and very very spooky!
my favorites were perhaps the hellowein, and the roecky hodor shoew!
truly great, and well-animated, with excellent dialogues and a touching ending.
i love everything in this, and the especially the caik+sun triptych... clever idea!

this was so good, that i shall 5 it forever!
happy halloween!
and do more!

House Of Haunted Clocks House Of Haunted Clocks

Rated 5 / 5 stars

a glorious clock crew collab once again!
what can i say, they did it again!
this time, with the theme of halloween, the epic team decided to go on an epic trick-or-treating along the neighborhood, and everything goes well, until they go in the haunted house, and... THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD! lol!
epic action, many awesome jokes, insane scenes full of epic moments, and legendary animations from incredible artists, this collab has many things to show.
my favorite parts were irons ( very funny, loved the thor clock autograph part...!), renegade's (simply amazing), pop-tart's (i loved his ghostbusters part), patriot's, melloyello's (AWESOME PART!) , polyhendrons, absinthes, and zombie linclocks legendary finalle, to say a few(?).
what on earth, i loved them all!
also, cool credits scenes, and the bonus part by melloyello was awesome as well.

all in all, a great clock crew collab, and i would LOVE to see more.
i am proud to be a part of this.
happy halloween, guys.... and-do more!

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New WoW Model Animations New WoW Model Animations

Rated 5 / 5 stars

that was very funny, with epic face expressions!
do more, man!

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The Perfect City The Perfect City

Rated 5 / 5 stars

seems interesting.

quite nice work, with impressive visuals.
i liked how you added/depicted all the ancient wonders, from the colliseum to the tao building to the anville church, to the future-sque city of the ''perfect city'', a new wonder of the current time....
also it showed some important problems and social issues that may arrise even in a ''perfect'' city, due to the fact that some people/authority may be biased against something.

good movie, and i would definatelly like to see more of this.
keep it ip.

Virgilcomic responds:

thanks. it's a very small part of a larger tapestry; thank you for your support and interest.

The Folding Face of Time The Folding Face of Time

Rated 5 / 5 stars

pretty clever, surrealistic and original for a black and white film.
i liked the transformations of both the clcok/time into other objects and situations, and i loved how different it became every time.

also it was nice that in the end, the clcok hand was moving backwards, like the time was moving backwards as well, and it all finished in an epic loop of the time/space continuum.
good work sir. bravo!

Pooface - episode 3(2012) Pooface - episode 3(2012)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

lol, good one, this one was funny like teh rest of your stuff, so it was enjoyable.
odd, but cool.

keep it up.

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bounded bounded

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this was minimalistic, and very abstract, but the movement of the man-shaped chicken head was so good, and so realistic, that the impression was huge on me.
this earns a 5 for the psysics and for the natural body/stature/anatomy/movement.
wonderful work.

tho, what it is about? a man who becomes a chicken-head? (coward man?!)
or a monster becoming more humanised?

good work tho.

cabenda responds:

thank you
i was inspired by a ritual act. where the head of the chicken is cut of during a ritual.
to join the dead spirit with his antcestors. i took some elements of that religious act and I translated that in my own way.

Consequential Credit Consequential Credit

Rated 5 / 5 stars

excellent flash movie, a movie that has amazing, fast and fluid animation, with good speed, action and even face(?) /clock expressions!
wonderful clock movie, a movie that brought me back to the 05-06 years of the clock crew, just like rob said in an earlier review.
it had that great feeling, and that unique design, that shaped an entire time-period...
good work, and i LOVED all the hidden easter eggs in it, like renegade-clock in the letter, or the twitter posts from various cc members like pop-tart, triangle and bb10, and the ''cool trends'' page that had all the new(and some old) cc collabs of the site... like the ALSacidbath, the passthehalloween, or the SSBEDS collab, hahahahaha
also oh god the part where pop-tart is saying ''buy me stuff'' after twitter clock said he got lots of cash in his plastic, hahahaha!
also there many details, like the star-clock in the christmass tree, or the iron-man action figure in amazon, and many many more.
this was a very good movie, that was funny, educational (if you are like twitter clock, that is), and well drawn...
do more sir! amazing work.

MelloYelloClock responds:

Thanks Bb10!1

just a try out just a try out

Rated 5 / 5 stars

so odd, what is it about?
reminded me of picasso so much.

cabenda responds:

i was inspired by the african mask. just like they inspired picasso.
but this is not the final animation.
is just a test to get an overview of what i want to achieve.
is a bit about worship and elevation and also culture identity