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Dude Jumping Dude Jumping

Rated 5 / 5 stars

short, but sweet.
excellent design of the dude, with nice shading, good colours, and a cool flawless movement when he jumped+breakdanced...
the ending was indeed a surprise, it was a nice touch!
all in all, great movie, i like your work!
keep it up, and do more cool stuff like this!

Adammass responds:

Cheers, thanks for the comment mate.

Burn vs Mippness ~ Sudomemo Rap Battles 6 Burn vs Mippness ~ Sudomemo Rap Battles 6

Rated 5 / 5 stars

its a really nice movie!
i liked the rap-battle, the animation, the character's face expressions, the beat, the subtitles, and the general vibe of this toon.
really nice work, and a really cool song.
keep it up!

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Penetrate Ariel (The Mermaid) Penetrate Ariel (The Mermaid)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

it was a wild and salty underwater adventure, and i emerged victorious!
the final reward of the awesome pics was magnificent. so much art+elegance, indeed...
challenging game, fun story, great singing.

''greatest game of 2017, i will tell my family''
-jjmnmnmnmjj, new york times

TheSoulMan TheSoulMan

Rated 5 / 5 stars

interesting movie.

also: the clockrew is superior! we (also) run newgrounds!

good lil movie, and i liked the dinjgins khan beat, it was sweet, and done in a clever manner.

Between a Rock and a SWP Between a Rock and a SWP

Rated 5 / 5 stars

well, for one thing, the 1-star votes/1-star reviews are UNFAIR, and they harm this great artist's work, which is an awful and ungrateful thing to do, especially if you ever liked his comics in the first place.
i KNOW that its a video ad, but who cares if its not animated?
a 1,2 minute animation would take alot of time+effort in order to get materialised, and it would also require great skills in voice-acting+lip syncing in order for the cartoon ad to succeed in its purpose...
(which is to earn $$$ in order to fund other cool art projects+to help the artist make a living.)

so yeah, if he has to find a cheap, efficient way of making an ad, it might as well be a VIDEO ad, as long as its clever, quick and funny.

and guess what, viewers? it IS funny! and it IS clever, and its nicely thought out, with a cool/cheesy vibe of the old, cheerfull ads of the 80's going on, and a nice cameo of the artist chilling on his couch, watching TV and being depressed, while his 2 friends are reading his (comic) book, and they are laughing and having alot of fun...

so, the moral of this ad is: wanna have fun? do you like toonhole's/chris's comics?

so all in all, i thought that it was a clever lil vid, and it managed to make me laugh+interested about this, so it did its job perfectly.

also: last but not least, the best moment was when mike asks chris: ''hey chris, are you going to make any advertisements for the comic book?'' and chris just says: ''nahh...'' while the video unfolds to its conclusion.

great vid, and it received a VERY harsh rating, imho.
keep up the good work, toonhole studios!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, this was awesome, good job!

i liked how the whole movie was like a reality show, and how the judges (orange, SBC, and knotts) were distinctive and unique, in their reactions, each on his own way... (reasonable, harsh, and kind).
i also liked how you drew the main character's and BB10, along with the epic backgrounds and the subtle(?) changes that happened on the background while each scene unfolded...
as for the humour... i loved it!
''those are some very sharp swords, fit only for the best swordsmen ever''... *orange tries the sword*
*the sword disintigrates*
orange: those swords are awful.

great lines, nicely animated scenes, well-drawn characters+backgrounds, and solid humour.
the only thing that i disagree with, is that the shark ate BB10.


anyways, good movie, filled with many cool moments, with nice dialogue, good puns, clever inside jokes (such as the ''paper target'' for the sword-practising that had miraclefruit's clock drawn on it, or the ''flashing sword'' right after BB10 fell into the hole...)

also, thanks for the cameo, i feel deeply honoured that im in one of your movies!
keep up the great work!

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Smoke Spider Problems Smoke Spider Problems

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hey, thats one awesome short flash movie!
i liked it: it had nice, fluid animation, good linework, nice drawings of the characters (the child, the smoke-spider), good face expressions, and a really nice animation speed+pace...
also, the story was nice, and funny, with a great ending...
all in all, this was awesome, funny, and nicely animated.

keep up the good work, and do more stuff like this!

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X-men 3 in a nutshell X-men 3 in a nutshell

Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice movie, i liked the humour, and the fast-paced summarisation of the whole movie...
along with the clever commentary+the jokes between scenes...

good work, keep it up, its cool!
you should do more stuff like this.

duffosaur responds:

thanks and i will make another

We Become What We Behold We Become What We Behold

Rated 5 / 5 stars

a very interesting allegory on how social(?) media, and how media in general shape the thoughts and opinions of people, towards a specific direction, mostly pointed out on rivarly, on hatred, and on racism, while any attempts of peace, kindness and common sense are ignored by the media as being ''too quiet'', or ''too boring'', which just shows us how perverted and sadistic the media truly are...
you've posted a STRONG message in here, and while for some it might look like a cute game with a few funny/violent/cool moments, in reality, its a clever commentary about how the media+popular devices are shaping people's opinions, in other directions, mostly for the worse.

very good work, my friend!
you are a GOOD artist, and a clever person.

imho, i would add NG medals for the game, because thats funny, and it would be interesting to see what each medal says (according to the player's actions).
you see, in my first playthrough, i stalled/slowed down the inevitable path of violence by taking photos of the peaceful protesters/of the redeemed crazy square guy...

also, that tophat guy was certainly evil. what a nasty guy! >: (

anyways, good game, clever message...
keep making cool stuff like this!
you are good.

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Marshmallow'n'Orange Marshmallow'n'Orange

Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice remake/tribute to krinkels ''marshmallow madness''...
cool animation, and strange, funny characters.

good work, do more stuff like this, and keep animating...
(just make your next movie with a (slightly) more original story...)