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Consequential Credit Consequential Credit

Rated 5 / 5 stars

excellent flash movie, a movie that has amazing, fast and fluid animation, with good speed, action and even face(?) /clock expressions!
wonderful clock movie, a movie that brought me back to the 05-06 years of the clock crew, just like rob said in an earlier review.
it had that great feeling, and that unique design, that shaped an entire time-period...
good work, and i LOVED all the hidden easter eggs in it, like renegade-clock in the letter, or the twitter posts from various cc members like pop-tart, triangle and bb10, and the ''cool trends'' page that had all the new(and some old) cc collabs of the site... like the ALSacidbath, the passthehalloween, or the SSBEDS collab, hahahahaha
also oh god the part where pop-tart is saying ''buy me stuff'' after twitter clock said he got lots of cash in his plastic, hahahaha!
also there many details, like the star-clock in the christmass tree, or the iron-man action figure in amazon, and many many more.
this was a very good movie, that was funny, educational (if you are like twitter clock, that is), and well drawn...
do more sir! amazing work.

just a try out just a try out

Rated 5 / 5 stars

so odd, what is it about?
reminded me of picasso so much.

cabenda responds:

i was inspired by the african mask. just like they inspired picasso.
but this is not the final animation.
is just a test to get an overview of what i want to achieve.
is a bit about worship and elevation and also culture identity

The Real Cost The Real Cost

Rated 5 / 5 stars

clever message. true, the cigarettes should not depict body parts/and or gruesome photos, but still, sometimes some people must be scared to stop doing a bad thing.
will many people stop smoking if they see such violence? no.
but if even 1 person stops smoking from one such add, then i can see why they insist in that.
ofcourse, having those ads on youtube, on the other hand, it can really ruin your day, so i see your point of view.

those ads should not be in youtube. youtube is for funny videos and documentaries, and not for a bloody freak-show... (so you are right.)

good flash animation, the cashier reminded me a bit of squidward, spongebob's neighboor!
funny stuff!

good movie overall, i would like to see more from you.

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dogsinthecathouse responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! :)

Optimos & Saddy the ghost Optimos & Saddy the ghost

Rated 5 / 5 stars

good little movie, and it had some pretty neat and likeable characters!
cool movie, nice style, and cute face expressions....
(i also liked how in the end, the face expressions matched those of the title screen! clever.)
nice work for a new animation, and quite funny, with that joke.... (elevator joke, cool).

i would only suggest to you to make the next episodes a bit longer and to let us know more about the characters.
other than that, it was good.

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Optimos responds:

First off, thank you!
I'm working on the style a lot to improve it, in addition to some expresions (arm movements, more face expresions...)
The joke may be a bit old but it's pretty good as you've said, yeah.
My animations (I have made more before) tend to be very short (20 or 30 seconds), but I might take a chance at making them longer.
And again, thanks for the review :)

Game Grumps: Little Shoes Game Grumps: Little Shoes

Rated 5 / 5 stars

while this is good, well-animated, and with epic, and neat face expressions and everything,
the topic kinda annoys me: game grumps? god! its like watching egoraptor revamped!
sweet jesus! someone make something new, something original about videogames!
come on people, there is more than just sonic, naruto, and game grumps!

to the author: great work, great animation, but try making more funny videos with new, fresh characters and stuff. add some of your won characters in your movie, or even a cartooned version of yourself, try to make something fresh and cool that is about videogames.
its not bad to animate about videogames, its only bad if everyone makes flash about game-grumps/egoraptor.

that is all. keep up the good work, just stay fresh.

DogMuffin responds:

thank you so much for your feedback. this was just something i made a while ago that i just wanted to throw up on here, i do have other things/ideas i want to elaborate on, and those will come out sometime in the near future. and i hear what youre saying with the whole "everybody stop animating game grumps and start making original content". and i agree with you on that, but i made this when game grumps wernt such a huge thing.
but yet again, thank you for your feedback, it is very appreciated :)

Drooz Drug Dance Drooz Drug Dance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

excellent movie!
it seems that this old man took some drug and now...HE IS DANCING HIS HEART OUT!
i loved all of it! from the manly ''crotch thrust'' dance-move, to the epic middle finger shining move, to the tutu-dress elegant dance (lol, his face expression there and hairy legs made me laugh so much!)
also the audiences expressions were priceless as well. they were like ''WTF??!!''

amazing movie, and incredibly funny. i suggest that you do more movies with THIS specific character, they would be hillarious, and it could be even transformed into a new series, or something.

also it had some russian words, too bad that i couldnt understand them.
funny movie tho, and artistically done, with epic face expressions, and crazy humour.
do more.

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bayerbeat responds:

thanks for nice and big review

i'm too tired for write in english so спасибо, товарищ, я люблю, когда пишут такие развернутые комментарии, но к сожалению, это происходит не так часто, как хотелось бы, поэтому ещё раз спасибо ;)

my hopes and dreams my hopes and dreams

Rated 3 / 5 stars

good movie, and a swift animation, with funny moments, but this needs a preloader/play/replay button, and soemthing to not make it look like a loop.
loops are usually considered spam, and this is not spam.
also some colour would be cool....

other than that, an OK animation.

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Universal Birth Universal Birth

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

interesting, but what is that man-baby, and why did they visited earth?
was it for their honeymoon trip?

odd flash, but amusing at times.

Ray's day at the Library Ray's day at the Library

Rated 5 / 5 stars

good sequel of rays day at school, this was well animated, and drawn in an interesting way.
it reminds me of gogen, like i said. alot.
nice movie, with an interesting story going on, and some neat colours that added up to the experience.
i especially liked the guy's dream sequence where he was dancing with those strange creatures.
it was funny, and well-animated.
some subtitles would be good, for some parts had odd sound, but its ok i guess.
do more sir.

Andrew The Leper Andrew The Leper

Rated 3 / 5 stars

it was good, despite the gruesome reality...
you created a grin, so keep on doing those!