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Breaking Bat - Batman v Superman/Breaking Bad Parody Breaking Bat - Batman v Superman/Breaking Bad Parody

Rated 5 / 5 stars

an excellent parody of breaking bad, with amazing drawings of batman and superman.
your drawings/animation is amazing, and you have great skills.
it was also v. funny.
plz do more like this!

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When characters collide When characters collide

Rated 5 / 5 stars

an interesting fight, and two VERY cool, and interesting characters!
i like the knight's armour, he's very cool...
but also the peasant is an excellent warrior...
a nice duo!

they should be a team, not killing each other! ;)

good work, do more like this/

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Bill and Hulk vs. The Clock Crew Bill and Hulk vs. The Clock Crew

Rated 5 / 5 stars

a glorious movie about the epic battle between the lawful clock-crew, and the lawless villains, bill and hulk....
will they succeed in their quest to destroy the clock crew?
lets hope not!

to me, good ole hulk hogan is alot better than evil bill....
at least he didnt hurt anyone... yet!

either way, this was a prelude to an epic clock/human battle, and i will be waiting to see the next part of this epic instalment, so keep it up!

all of the drawings were great, the animation was good, and the movie had many inside jokes and many details, a thing that made it extra funny for me.
also, thanks for the cameo, it made me very happy!

as for the ending, i laughed so hard when SBC asked ankh: ''hey, are you listening?'' and ankh was looking at his smartphone. i would say: ''oh, kids, those days!'' (lol!)

overall, a great movie, with nice animation, good drawings, a good story, and a strong meaning in it.
very nice work, my friend!

keep making cool movies...
happy clockday!

A day at the office A day at the office

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, a great claymation movie!
the clay people looked very detailed and nicely done, while the stop-motion speed was perfect, at a great pace.. (whats your FPS? it was very good...)
also, all the props, from the photocopying machine to the coffee mug, were nicely done, and they were quite detailed...

as for the movie itself, it started out slow, but then... something cool happened.
i really liked this movie, and you are a skilled claymation artist!
keep up the good work, and do more! :D

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Twin-Tales responds:

Thank you!

We shot it in 24 fps. We wanted to have that slow beginning to maximize the effect of the big event in the end.

Epic Short and Intense Stick Fights of Stick Combat! Epic Short and Intense Stick Fights of Stick Combat!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

a really cool stick fighting movie.
i loved the fast, fluid animation, and the merciless change between scenes and battles, it was relentless and awesome.

also the visual effects were good.

a great movie. i it should have a preloader, but its good.

The life of a Hedgwhore The life of a Hedgwhore

Rated 5 / 5 stars

it was funny and nicely done, but the sounds were too silent for me to hear.
all i could hear was ''should i kill sonic, robotnik?''
and robotinik said: ''i dont know!''.. and then, the end?
but seriously, you should add subtitles, or record the sounds with a bit louder/better quality.

the movie was good tho!
do more like this, plz!

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FireDinoHats responds:

Thanks, i just don't have the best equipment

A Heart For Sweetie Belle A Heart For Sweetie Belle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, a pony/brony-related cartoon, animated in warner brothers/looney tunes art-style?

you are very skilled, and you have nailed the looney tunes style of drawings/animation perfectly.
i loved the moments where brony-man (aka, pepe le pew), tried to kiss and squeeze the poor pony, and then the pony got furious (kitty penelope?), and the brony-man fell from the stairs into a dark (oblivious) pony...
this was so funny.. the animation was very fluid and fast, the drawings were perfect and very nicely incorporated into the movie, which, i shall mention again, is a great animation done in a perfect looney tunes style, and its so good, that it almost looks like the real thing!

you did an excellent job sir, and i salute you!
please do more funny/epic stuff like this, i found it very enjoyable, and i love anything that is inspired/related with looney tunes/WB/classic cartoons,. its epic!

clever use of the pepe le pew audio, very nice!

PS: BTW, the name pikapetey sounds very familiar to me...
did you have a cameo in a comic by curtsibling named ''equestribooru girls'', or am i wrong?
because i do remember a pikepetey character depicted in some pages of this comic, if im correct...
either way, you are very skilled, you have lots of talent, and i like your animations, so its nice to meet you, and plz do more movies!
keep it up!

Pikapetey responds:

Thanks! Glad you like it.

And yes, curt sibling did feature pikapetey, because it was and art trade. I animated his hilter pony sumoning the great spaghetti demon from fedora hell by vomiting up spaghetti.

Clock Crew News Reel 00001 Clock Crew News Reel 00001

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, what a cool movie!
like the first news-flash movie, this was also informational and funny!
i loved the interview with bolt-clock, the 2 BB10's time paradox, and the hatemail reviews, i believe that reading the hatemail reviews was one of the funniest parts of this movie...
and i liked that you showed screenshots from the CC's newest WIP movies, it felt really good! :)
oh, and thanks for showing me saying my opinion about the hatemail review of my movie, and thanks for showing me and bolt with our respective awards in the intermission, it was adorable!

seriously, this is a great idea for a project, and i will help you with more ideas for news/events/info/ finding hatemail if i can...

congrats mate, its very enjoyable and cute, but also informative as well!
keep up the good work!

YomToxic responds:

I'll need plenty of help with finding news/events and info. Thanks!

Death Row Dog Death Row Dog

Rated 5 / 5 stars

really nice movie!
the animation was very fluid, with nice speed, and beautiful visuals, while the dog and the human characters in this film were nicely drawn, with a cool drawing style...

i also liked scenes such as the sign turning and saying ''i told ya!'', and the judge being furious, and then seeing the dog's situation, really cool!

in general, this was a quiality animation, and both the intro and the movie itself reminded me alot of tom & jerry cartoons, you are a professional, mate!
keep it up, and do more!

you are good!

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Boring Bird scene Boring Bird scene

Rated 5 / 5 stars

a really nice animation, with good animation speed, nice pace, and in general, a very swift movie with nice visuals and a cool story.

i liked it, you are good!
keep it up

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AustinTyAwesome responds:

Thank you very much this means the world to know that people like my animations, it makes me want to keep pressuring this hobby!