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Confusion's Masterpiece Confusion's Masterpiece

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, a well-done horror animation!
i loved the hallway that was covered up in shadows and how rob clock was scared sh***less from the anticipation of facing the horrors of zuzuvela clock.
the door opening .gif was good, and the music matched the horror atmosphere of the animation, making it even better/scarier.

also vuvuzela's part was so awesome and scary, that it completed this 2-men collab perfectly.
nice touch, man!

overall a very good collab, you should repeat this anytime soon.

LegionLock LegionLock

Rated 3 / 5 stars

it was good, but still: too short, too lock legion-y.

try to do clock crew films sir

AMA 3 Animated Preview AMA 3 Animated Preview

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, i actually liked this alot!
it was good for a madness flash movie, with flast, fluid animation and nice graphics.
what was your FPS? 30? it was good.
also, did you drew the characters by yourself, or did you used sprites?

this was good, and i suggest to you: add more madness, and add MORE sillyness, and /or humour!
trust me, its good!

nice work overall, i enjoyed this movie.

madnesia19 responds:

1) Yeah I used 30 FPS :)
2) Mix of both

Thanks chris :D

BearBound BearBound

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

a very good, nicely drawn, well designed game.
this was done in 3 days? WOW!
very well done.

also the different endings+medals were a nice touch, and i kept playing it for those reasons.

however, despite the awesome game mechanics and the good/funny endings, i believe that this game has a few errors/negatives:
1. its TOO hard to enter a shelter/cave. the only way for me to enter such a cave in time, is by mashing all the arrow key buttons into the direction of the cave/shelter, and FAST.
if i am slower even by a mili-second, i am already doomed.
you should add an easier way for the bear to enter the caves/safehouses, such as the spacebar, or pressing a specific button, etc etc.
2. the game has a bit of a complex map. getting around and learning the terrain can be tricky in here.
thankfully, most of the areas in the map have safehouses/caves to stay in between blizzards, but the map is too huge, vast and complicated in some corners and spots, making it really hrad o find your way back to the other achievements.
also, each time i find a different ending/achievement, i get to start the game again from scratch.
this is not very nice. i believe that we should keep playing, and if the bear has low lives, it should have full lives (3) refilled after each successfull ending.

that is all, i know that you did this in 3 days, and its great, but im giving some advice to make this game more fun, if possible.
you did a great job btw

Pico Old Pico Old

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, this was hillarious!
every moment in this film was great, funny and hillarious!
the butt grab, the slap, and the final scene with darnel, OH MAN, i laughed out loud with this! (really)
you have great skills in drawing cool movies, and your humour is top-notch.
do more sir.

Game Grumps - Titty Drop Game Grumps - Titty Drop

Rated 5 / 5 stars

you did good.
a nice movie with funny moments, and well-drawn characters,
i like your humour and the face expressions of the characters. good work!

lelandbdean responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, this was an extremely well designed, highly drawn movie, with lots of quality, truly a great movie for pico-day.
the story was short and it ended too fast, yet it had a nice feel, and it was awesome enough to spark my imagination for a good would-be story for pico.
the characters were well-drawn, and nicely portrayed, while the face expressions were epic.
good work, do more like this.

ryanimateon responds:

than you :DDD

My first flash animation My first flash animation

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

wow, this was extremely well-done for a first animation!
so flast and fluid, with easy motion and nice scenes....
also the ending humour was good, and unexpected.
what FPS did you used? was this frame-by-frame, or mostly tweens?
good animation mate.
do more.

PS: your movie was great, but it loops, so it should have a preloader/play, replay button...
other than that, you are good to go.

Zegarra responds:

hey, thanks for the positive feedback.
i made it frame by frame, thats why they move so fluently.

Newgrounds 6 Newgrounds 6

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, a well-designed, and well-done parody of super-6 by disney, by using pico as the main character!
also nice 3-D render of pico, did you do it in photoshop, blender, or poser programs?
this was great, yet a bit too small.

you could also add P-bot as pico's robotic friend, and tom fulp+friends as pico's assistants in his super-6 missions... or something.

anyways, this was good, even if it was too short. you have skills

IMO 6: Culture in Europe IMO 6: Culture in Europe

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this was a very nice movie about the history of art, litterature, and music (all of them being art creations), during renaissance. starting from the fall of the (eastern) roman empire, to the gradual (artistic) awakening of the european nations, it gradually became a beautifull era full of art, creation and inspiration.
its true, england france and italy created many legendary things, and germany did good music (thanks to bethoven, mozart and bach), and generally art had a really good moment.
i hope that art will continue to grow and to develop, even today!

you did a good documentary, and some moments in this were hillarious, the name-jokes, the small puns in every moment, and the ''DAT ART'' had me laughing all the time!
oh, and the ''london'' tower with his arms streched was a cool thing, i liked it alot.
a good documentary, with the right dose of humour and information as usual.
(i loved the TNMT reference through the arts... epic. and clever)

good work sir, you did a good job.
keep up the good work.
(those series, ''IMO', are a very good idea for a series.)

Captain-Ganto responds:

Well goddamn, thank you matey. feel free to look at the other episodes