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(+18) Kindred meet xayah and rakan (english subtitles) (+18) Kindred meet xayah and rakan (english subtitles)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i haven't said this thing many times, but...
this was one of the best smut/hentai movies that i've ever seen!
your movie had the RARE combination of sex scenes/sexy girls, AND a nice+funny story in it,
a story with a good plot, with many punchlines, while it also had some really funny face expressions, and some really really cool puns to observe...

all in all, it was a great movie!
good humour, a well-organised, funny story, many good jokes, many puns, and some really funny face expressions, along with the (always welcome+expected)sexy scenes of hot girl's!
the narrator's presence in the end was both surprising AND funny...
it closed the movie with a cool note.
as for the credits+the extra scenes, they were good!

all in all, a great movie, a movie that surpassed the (very well known) sexy barrier, and added alot more than what would be expected from such a movie...
it wasn't just sexy... was also entertaining!

BTW, thank you for using english subtitles as well, this helped me alot!
good work, keep it up, you're awesome!

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Mother's Day - 3D Animation Mother's Day - 3D Animation

Rated 5 / 5 stars

excellent 3-D animation: it had good face expressions, nice walking/moving sequences of the characters, nicely-designed features on the characters, good use of the voice-acting, and a really touching, emotional story.
i liked it alot, and i found it to be cute.
happy mothers day!
and keep making cool movies.

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Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mom... DJ Khaled Remix Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mom... DJ Khaled Remix

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hehehe... clever use of DJ khaled's joke on his wife, with the (now)classic family guy scene of stevie annoying his mom in the same way.

good use of the snap-vid soundfile, and good editing on the (already existing) family guy scene+characters.
did you draw DJ khaled's face on your own?
if yes, congrats! its a good drawing of his face.
if not, its OK... your movie is still good, and i will assume that this was a sprite design of his face.
either way, your movie was funny, and it delivered a good pun.

good work.

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PointBlankAnimations responds:

Thank you for your review! And to answer your question, we did draw DJ Khaled's face.

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Penetrate Ariel (The Mermaid) Penetrate Ariel (The Mermaid)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

it was a wild and salty underwater adventure, and i emerged victorious!
the final reward of the awesome pics was magnificent. so much art+elegance, indeed...
challenging game, fun story, great singing.

''greatest game of 2017, i will tell my family''
-jjmnmnmnmjj, new york times

We Become What We Behold We Become What We Behold

Rated 5 / 5 stars

a very interesting allegory on how social(?) media, and how media in general shape the thoughts and opinions of people, towards a specific direction, mostly pointed out on rivarly, on hatred, and on racism, while any attempts of peace, kindness and common sense are ignored by the media as being ''too quiet'', or ''too boring'', which just shows us how perverted and sadistic the media truly are...
you've posted a STRONG message in here, and while for some it might look like a cute game with a few funny/violent/cool moments, in reality, its a clever commentary about how the media+popular devices are shaping people's opinions, in other directions, mostly for the worse.

very good work, my friend!
you are a GOOD artist, and a clever person.

imho, i would add NG medals for the game, because thats funny, and it would be interesting to see what each medal says (according to the player's actions).
you see, in my first playthrough, i stalled/slowed down the inevitable path of violence by taking photos of the peaceful protesters/of the redeemed crazy square guy...

also, that tophat guy was certainly evil. what a nasty guy! >: (

anyways, good game, clever message...
keep making cool stuff like this!
you are good.

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Hatchet Harry Hatchet Harry

Rated 5 / 5 stars

good game, with nice drawings of the characters, cool action, nice sound effects, and it was inspired by guy richie's awesome movie ''lock, stock and two smoking barrels''.
what more should i ask for?

also LOL @the dildo weapon, that was so crazy and random, i found it to be very funny...
good game, and its incredible that you created/tested/completed this in just 48 hours...
congrats! bravo my good sir!

i liked the upgrades+the rage perks...
nice work.

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Hyperspace Hyperspace

Rated 5 / 5 stars

pretty cool song, it reminded me of a malfunctioning robot.
it had nice, wicked and insane vibes, and it was trippy, but in a good way.

quite groovy and well-balanced, nice track!
keep up the good work.

wtf i has outta was when this shit shat out your like 15??? wtf i has outta was when this shit shat out your like 15???

Rated 5 / 5 stars

short, but quite magnificent.


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Pirelot responds:


Another heavy drop. Another heavy drop.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

actually, thats a really badass song!
i like how it starts out slowly, and then, it progresses into a more wild and badass techno beat, while the song moves on into a really nice groove, in a progressive/epic way...

i really like it.
this song could easily fit for a battle-scene in a cool movie, it could also fit in a madness movie or something.

good work, keep making cool music!

Ravitex responds:

Gotta correct you on this though: This is not techno, it's drumstep.
Seeing this on a movie would be extremely cool. But I haven't really saw music like this on any movies...

Anyways, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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The Greatest Day of JambaClock's Life The Greatest Day of JambaClock's Life

Rated 5 / 5 stars

woah! great drawing of how the jamba-clock joined the CC!
i really like it...

i am impressed by how you've drawn jamba clock and his face/clock-expression, while he is leaping up and he's holding the coveted CC-membership, a thing that is truly a great internet achievement.(i still remember the day that i got clockified/accepted in the CC).

i also like that you've drawn the other clocks in a hazy way.
it looks as if, everyone else in the crowd is being hazy/fazed/foggy, as if jamba-clock's moment dominates the scene, and its truly the most luminous event of the day...

good drawing, i hope to see many more stuff like this from you, you're good!
keep it up!

JambaClock responds:

Did I ever tell you that was actually from the ending of the Spongebob Movie 1?

Razeal WIP Razeal WIP

Rated 5 / 5 stars

perfect portrait of this character.
she has perfectly drawn, realistic eyes, a nice nose, a realistic mouth with vampire-like teeth/fangs, she also has a nicely drawn realistic neck, luxurious, wild hair, a nicely designed set of headphones, and the promising start of a cleavage.

also yes: please add tits.
it will be great.

great work mate, i love it.

Bowser Lineart Bowser Lineart

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i LOVE the way you drew her, she has bowser's most cool/recognizable features, but unlike bowser, this version is of a sexy fem bowser, with a cute face, a naughty smile, a beautiful face, a great+gorgeous body, and with some nicely placed spikes+horns, while she also has PERFECT boobs, perfect ABS, great legs, and a beautiful design in general...
i also like how wild her hair is, and the fact that she has pointy teeth is both cute+terrifying.

what can i say? thats an amazing drawing of fem bowser! i love it.
please do more like this/more of her.
its amazing, and you are a great artist. 10/10.